Académie Diderot

Académie Diderot by Rennes School of Business


Académie Diderot de Rennes SB

The “Académie Diderot” at Rennes School of Business is an FLE (French as a Foreign Language) centre for business environments which enables international students:

  • to reinforce their French-speaking skills
  • to discover French culture

These new skills will facilitate the professional integration of our international students.

We wish to further support international students in their knowledge of the French language and the codes of French culture,

  • Before the start of their university course, so that they acquire the basics and can really benefit from the academic language courses they will follow during their studies at the school
  • During their studies at Rennes School of Business, so that they can practise their French more and more

Programme topics

The topics covered in the different courses and activities revolve around:

  • Life in France: a survival guide;
  • French-speaking countries
  • The world of work;

Excellence “à la française”

55%* of our students are international. Many of them wish to develop their employability by acquiring linguistic and cultural skills that will facilitate their recruitment in France, giving them a multicultural and multilingual profile.

The Rennes School of business language department has been recognised since 2021 for the quality of its teaching of French as a Foreign Language (FLE).


To offer our international students a stimulating opportunity to improve their level of French and better grasp the specificities of the French culture from a professional and personal perspective through “unframed” workshops, and intensive courses.


  • À la carte
    100% tailored individual lessons, all year long. According to wishes and possibilities.
  • Amuse-bouche
    After-class sessions to encourage natural speaking, in groups of up to 12 students.
  • C’est la vie! 
    The intensive face-to-face course of 30 hours per week during 2 weeks at the end of August to prepare for the new school year. Groups of 12 students full beginners.


In July 2021, the language department obtained the FLE Quality Label for a period of 4 years.

For the international students who would like to complete their FLE course, Rennes School of Business created the “Académie Diderot” :

The “Académie Diderot” offers various ways to develop its skills in French language : oral skills are featured in the “Amuse-Bouche” workshops (pronunciation, conversation workshop, etc.) ; the intensive courses “C’est la vie !” enable to work on all skills ; and the individual courses “A la carte !” are made according to formulated requests and needs.