Académie Diderot

Académie Diderot de Rennes SB

Rennes School of Business launches the “Académie Diderot”, an FLE (French as a Foreign Language) centre for business environments which will allow international students:

  • to reinforce their training in French as a Foreign Language
  • to reinforce their knowledge of French culture

The language skills and cultural knowledge acquired through this initiative will allow international students to improve their potential for professional opportunities in France.


Tiphaine Follio, directrice, Rennes SBWe wish to further support international students in their knowledge of the French language and the codes of French culture in business so that they develop their attractiveness to French employers so that French businesses can fully benefit from their other technical skills, managerial, multicultural,
Tiphaine Follio
Director of Curriculum Innovation


Close ties to the economic world

This new academy will allow Rennes School of Business to continue to build new ties to the economic world and create new links with companies. In doing so, the School will help our young international talents to have a boost when facing new professiona and cultural challenges.


Programme topics

The topics covered in the different courses and activities will revolve around:

  • The food and agro-industry in Brittany
  • French and Breton culture and way of life
  • Industries that are linked to regional Breton fauna (biodiversity and biotechnology)
  • Artificial Intelligence in the practice and acquisition of languages
  • The region of Brittany: a strategic geopolitical location
  • The workplace and interactions at work
  • A French-speaking survival kit


Excellence “à la française”

The Académie Diderot is the next step in Rennes School of Business desire to act as an ambassador of excellence “à la française” in the face of new levels of globalisation. The majority of the talent that we welcome to our School comes from non-European continents and 95% of our permanent teachers of foreign origin teach in English. These foreign students wish to develop their global employability by learning the French language and cultural skills that will facilitate their recruitment in France. For these students, this French-speaking base is an asset to enhance other managerial skills and offer a multi-cultural and multi-lingual profile.

The Académie Diderot was launched in pilot form in January 2021, gradually working towards a full implementation in September 2021.


To offer our international students a stimulating opportunity to improve their level of French and better grasp the specificities of the French culture from a professional and personal perspective, through unexpected learning journeys, unframed classes, after-class activities and intensive language courses.

Courses & activities

  • À la carte
    100% tailored individual lessons. Online or not according to wishes and possibilities.
    10 hours – 550 euros/student
  • Amuse-bouche
    After-class sessions to entice and encourage natural speaking, in groups of 6 students.
    4 or 8 hours – 70 euros/student
  • Prêt-à-parler
    Practising French online, before arriving at Rennes SB, in groups of 8 students.
    10 hours a week – 100 euros/student
  • En route !
    Day trip to practise French and discover a region, lifestyle, company… in groups of up to 15 students
    9 hours – 200 euros/student
  • C’est la vie !
    Learning naturally and intensively
    by practising French in unexpected situations, in groups up to 15 students.
    30 hours Mon. to Fri. – 300 euros/student

Académie Diderot de Rennes School of Business

Excellence & certification

Learning French can help develop the cultural and professional opportunities of our international students.
Below, you will find a French test and a certification which will help you to test your knowledge in French and allow you to showcase your linguistic ability to potential employers.


TCFTCF certificate (Test de Compétence en français)
Test knowledge in French and obtain a certificate in « French as a second language » issued by the French Ministry of Education


Qualité FLE certification
Learn French as a second language in a high quality environment (2021 Certification)