Rennes School of Business offers companies a close collaboration in order to train future managers to the profiles expected by the organizations. To do this, the School creates links between companies and students by organizing numerous events and welcomes recruiters who wish to develop their employer brand with young talents.

Corporate Support for an Academic Community

Companies are not only recruiters of talent and contributors on the teaching and research fronts at Rennes School of Business. They are also loyal financial supports of the Business School and its students. Companies can assist in a variety of ways, from becoming official sponsors of a year’s cohort and paying learning tax through to making tax-advantageous donations. The plusses for companies willing to make such an investment are numerous:

  • An opportunity to boost the quality of teaching and research at the Business School
  • A preferential tax rate on wealth tax
  • A tax rebate on corporate tax
  • A chance to contribute to the development of the European management School in the
    true spirit of a corporate-academic partnership