Get involved in teaching

Rennes School of Business stays up to date with the current and future needs of businesses. Our students are prepared for the economic arena, and capable of adapting to a constantly changing world without borders.

French and international businesses form a predominant part of life at the School.
Company partnerships can take many different forms: managers can get involved in teaching and mentoring students as they develop their career plans, while members of the School Faculty can play an active role in working with both large organisations and SMEs, contributing to development through their research skills and educational expertise.


Admissions panels:

Come and participate in recruiting our students during their admissions interview for the School.

  • Objective: take part in the Rennes School of Business admission panels for the Programme Grande École programme – Master in Management (PGE).
  • How: Become a member of the panel during our admissions interviews and participate in the selection of our future students.
  • When: Admissions are in June and July. Open to Bac +2 or Bac + 3 students, or those who have completed preparatory courses to enter a Grande École.

Career in…

Career in... un évènement Rennes School of Business !Rennes School of Business regularly organises special events to connect students and companies. It is an opportunity for you to meet our future graduates and assist them in the development of their professional management projects by sharing your own professional experience and expertise.

  • Objective: Talk to students at Rennes School of Business about the main functional areas within a business.
  • How: Tell students about your experience and describe the various missions in your business, your sector of activity and the potential for career development.


        • Objective: Support and assess our final year students from the Programme Grande Ecole – Master in Management (PGE) as they develop their strategies for finding a work placement and post-graduation employment.
      • How: Conduct two interviews lasting one hour each.
      • When: before the end of December and before the end of May

Case Studies

Rennes School of Business works with students on specific business cases that are directly submitted by our partner companies.
Students study and evaluate these case studies as part of their programmes, with the aim of proposing potential solutions and improvements.


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