Work-study programme

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Internship and work-study programme students

Internship and work-study programmes gives students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience while pursuing a master programme in Rennes School ob Business.

Professionalisation contract students

Professionalisation contract tuition fees are covered by the employer (in France only). The student is paid from 55 to 85% of the minimum wage, according to his/her age and level of studies.
These long-term contracts enable the company to give students genuine responsibilities and operational missions.

Apprenticeship students

Work-study cursus : for students, this 2-year work-study track (in France only) gives the necessary skills in order to analyse and implement product, service and operation-based innovations for the benefit of companies.

Regulatory situation

Under the tripartite work placement agreement, students retain their student status in accordance with the charter of April 2006 concerning students business work placements.
The missions of the students must be approved by the educational supervisor from Rennes School of Business.

Typical student profile

Students in their final year of study working in one or more of their major subjects.

Typical placement missions

As part of their mission, students carry out an analysis of a specific issue decided on by their society, then put forward well-reasoned, documented and objective observations and develop operational recommendations in the form of a report presented to the business.

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