Badge – “Profit Centre Manager”


 The world is on the move and firms are going through a major shift. How best can you deal with this permanent state of change within your workplace? How can you work with greater efficiency? The “Profit Centre Manager” executive education programme will enable you to further develop your potential and acquire the tools and techniques required in order to:
  • Devise a strategy
  • Steer a project
  • Motivate a team
  • Provided added value to overall performance The “Profit Centre Manager” training programme in the Rennes School of Business is tailor-made to working life. It is spread over 33.5 days across 12 months, at a rate of 3 days per month (Thursday to Saturday).


Teaching approach A conceptual and practical approach. A dual teaching approach is taken at Rennes School of Business, where issues are viewed from a concrete, operational angle via case studies, discussions and corporate simulations that complement the theoretical side.Particular emphasis is placed upon group dynamics during the programme, with each participant being a genuine resource for the overall group by bringing together a variety of professions and backgrounds, and boosting the skills of all involved. The application of the content of the programme in a professional context is supported by the preparation and defence of a group case study and an individual dissertation.

The “BADGE Profit Centre Manager” programme enables each participant to:

  • Analyse their company from a strategic and functional perspective
  • Draw up a strategic development plan
  • Hone their managerial competencies
  • Upon completion of the training programme, participants will be equipped to:
  • Understand their company’s strategy
  • Comprehend the economic and financial, social and human, commercial and marketing mechanisms of the company
  • Research and analyse company information of relevance to their position
  • Dialogue with various in-house and external experts
  • Master project design and management techniques
  • Take the required initiatives and decisions for their mission
  • Adopt the right state of mind for top-down, bottom-up and inter-service communication
  • Lead and drive a team

Admission procedure

Admission requirements

A minimum 2-year, post-secondary level qualification or an approved level 3 qualification, with at least 3 years of relevant prior professional experience.


  • Programme one-on-one or information meeting
  • Application form for completion
  • Intended sources of financing
  • Recruitment interview with Head of programme
  • Referral to committee
  • 12 months, at a rate of 3 days per month


  • A level 2 accredited B.A.D.G.E  (Bilan d’Aptitude Délivré par la Conférence des Grandes Écoles) awarded by Rennes School of Business (RNCP registered).


Beginning of the next session: March 2020

Application fees

  • Application fees: 90 euros
  • Academic fees: 11 000 euros HT (pre-tax)

Teaching language



B.A.D.G.E programme participant, in the process of setting up his own business. I chose to take a Continuing Education programme in order to aid development of my company, OpenUp Sys. Taking this programme has enabled me to define much more accurately its strategy and direction. Defining my corporate project After completing a DUT diploma in Computer Sciences I soon joined Renesas Design France as an IT technician. I then moved up to the position of IT Systems and Network Administrator before then becoming team leader. Over the past 10 years I trained myself not just in terms of IT but also project and team management. The need for global management knowledge Following closure of the company’s Rennes premises I questioned where I wanted my career to go. I had in mind the idea of setting up my own business in line with my technical know-how and also the need for more global management knowledge. The BADGE programme therefore seemed the right option. The schedule of 3 courses per month made it possible for me to continue my professional activities at the same time, plus the topics covered were of great interest in relation to my business creation plan. This programme has proven to be truly enriching, both on the knowledge and human sides. The 10-strong class of which I was a part comprised different personalities and backgrounds, as one would expect. In addition, the programme is strengthened further still by the combination of theory and practice and the exchanges between the various participants.

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