Faculty & Research -LE LAB’: Unleashing the potential of innovative learning spaces at Rennes School of Business

LE LAB’: Unleashing the potential of innovative learning spaces at Rennes School of Business

In the world of education, where traditional boundaries are constantly being challenged, Rennes School of Business is positioning itself at an innovative stage. In September 2023, the Instructional and Learning Innovation department unveiled LE LAB’, an experimental learning laboratory ready to transform the way students and teachers interact with their academic environment.

Thinking outside the box with LE LAB’

LE LAB’ is no ordinary classroom; it’s a dynamic, immersive space designed to stimulate creativity, promote collaboration and encourage active learning. The ILI department’s commitment to developing innovative physical learning spaces is evident in LE LAB”s features – interactive digital screens, specialist learning equipment and exclusive flexible furniture. But what really sets LE LAB’ apart is its adaptability. Dr. Irena Descubes, Professor in the Marketing Department and Director of the EMBA programme at Rennes SB, explains: “In my commercial negotiation simulation course, I’m always looking for ‘modular’ spaces that stimulate creativity and allow a large group to be divided into sub-groups“. Madeg Le Guernic, professor in the Management and Organisation department, adds: “The LAB’s layout allows us to have these different spaces for group work. For project management, it’s a particularly suitable space,” he adds. Staff at Rennes School of Business also experienced LE LAB’ during a brainstorming session, as did the Aloha student support service. Justine Roze, Head of Aloha, says: “This space has enabled us to be more open and comfortable in our movements“.

Encouraging teachers, inspiring students

LE LAB’ is more than a physical space, it’s a catalyst for change in teaching methodologies. The department aims to help teachers explore new methods in an adaptable environment, promoting an inspiring and inclusive pedagogy. Nissreen Barakat, professor in the Strategy and Innovation department, points out that “the configuration and facilities of the LAB’ have made it possible to stimulate creativity and put students in a dynamic and motivating frame of mind to think collectively“.Before adding: “The room is the ideal place for design thinking, creativity and innovation workshops.” Madeg Le Guernic, underlines the impact on engagement: “For the students, this space is a complete change of environment compared to traditional classrooms. By creating that little surprise effect when they discover this type of space, we can engage them even more.

Une formation centrée sur l’étudiant à Rennes SB

The testimonials echo the success of LAB’ in achieving its objectives. Students at their first Design Thinking session with their teacher, Nisssreen Barakat, expressed their enthusiasm by saying, “This space makes it easy for us to design what we think,” while appreciating the flexibility of moving around freely during the course.

A library of possibilities

To further enrich the learning experience, the ILI (Instructional and Learning Innovation) department provides a selection of educational games, including board games and Lego games. Dr. Descubes says: “I haven’t yet been able to explore all the possibilities offered by LE LAB’. But I’d love to come back and use the LEGOs on my next Leadership course with the groups I train there as part of my continuing education.” As for Nissreen Barakat, she is already thinking of borrowing a set to use in a traditional classroom.

Looking to the future

LE LAB’s impact extends beyond its borders. Nissreen Barakat envisions a transformation, saying, “We hope to see larger spaces like this, and we hope to gradually transform traditional classrooms into this type of space.”

With LE LAB’, Rennes School of Business is breaking new ground in learning spaces and shaping the future of its collaborative, interactive and inspiring physical environments. So heed Dr Descubes’ call – go and pay LE LAB a visit to experience the layout and warm atmosphere of this new environment. Welcome change, because LE LAB’ is not just a room; it’s a glimpse into the future of the learning environment.

Membership of the LearningLab Network, the European network of LearningLabs

Logo learning lab network

Alongside this launch, Rennes School of Business is now a proud member of the LearningLab Network, supported by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. The aim is to embark on a process aimed at obtaining the prestigious LearningLab Network label. Awarded when a space achieves the network’s 7 badges, this label certifies the quality of teaching practices, the excellence of learning space equipment, etc.

Get inspired and join us for the LAB’ open days!

To discover the possibilities offered by LE LAB’, we invite you to come and discover the space during the LAB’ open days, every Tuesday from 12pm to 1pm! We’ll be giving demonstrations and presenting practical guides and tutorials.

Advice and support

The ILI team is here to guide you and help you make effective use of technology and new learning spaces. We’re just a click or a visit away!

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Written by Elodie Denot