Faculty & Research -Rennes School of Business hosts the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) 2023 international conference

Rennes School of Business hosts the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) 2023 international conference

From the 18-20 July 2023, Rennes School of Business will host the annual POMS conference, an internationally renowned event which unites top-level researchers from around the world.

The Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) is an international professional organisation with a triple purpose:

  • To spread and build on knowledge that contributes to the practice of production & operations management
  • To share information about production & operations management to different publics
  • To promote the improvement of the POMS organisation, its teaching resources and private manufacturing and service organisations throughout the world.

POMS hosts an annual international conference, with a focus on a specific topic or issue related to production and operations management, which unites experts from around the world to come together, exchange, learn and build upon one another’s ideas.

In 2023, the conference will take place from the 18-20 July on the theme of ‘Operations Management & United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs)’. Over the three days of the event, a series of conferences and seminars will take place on placing production and service organisation at the service of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to build a more sustainable and equitable society for people, and the planet.

An event in the heart of Paris

This year, the conference will take place in the heart of Paris, at the New Cap Event Center, 3 Quai de Grenelle, at the very foot of the Eiffel tower. Where better than the city of light for scientists and experts from around the globe to unite and discuss important and pressing issues around the Sustainable Development Goals that have been co-created by the 193 member states of the United Nations.

A Gala Dinner

Following the conferences, talks and seminars of the day, conference participants will take place in an unforgettable Gala Dinner aboard the River Palace boat as it winds its way along the Seine, past the iconic monuments and landmarks of the French capital.

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Research at Rennes SB

The importance of undertaking and disseminating research is central to the mission and vision of Rennes School of Business. Research builds on the skills and specialisations of the School’s international faculty and develops specific knowledge that impacts both businesses and students, whilst contributing to the development and enrichment of the schools portfolio of programmes.

Research is also an essential vector for building partnerships and managing and communicating Rennes School of Business’ research reputation and skills. It is therefore natural for Rennes School of Business to host high-level events such as the POMS international annual conference, uniting its research partners from around the world and promoting innovation and progress.

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