Faculty & Research -Rennes SB hosts its Teaching Excellence Awards 2022

Rennes SB hosts its Teaching Excellence Awards 2022

This event is organised in order to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our professors, whilst encouraging them to push boundaries in terms of creativity in their teaching and pedagogical practices.

The Teaching Excellence Awards

The Rennes School of Business Teaching Excellence Awards are an initiative that is led by the school’s Faculty and its Instructional and Learning Innovation (ILI) department. The awards are designed to recognise and reward Rennes SB faculty members for their outstanding achievements in pedagogy.

The main objective of the ILI team at Rennes SB is to meet the challenges of pedagogical innovation and digital technology while supporting teachers and students in their teaching and learning strategies.

Five awards were given by a committee composed of 12 experienced professors and members of Faculty from diverse domains.

The main objectives of the Teaching Excellence Awards are to:

  • Provide support and recognition for the innovative teaching methods and techniques demonstrated by each department
  • Recognise, appreciate and promote excellence among the Faculty.
  • Encourage best practices in teaching at Rennes SB

Key figures:

  • 15 applications
  • 4 Teaching Excellence Awards
  • 1 Pedagogical Innovation Award

The Marketing Teaching Excellence Award

Ljupka Naumovskav, Assistant Professor and Programme Director of the MSc in Strategic & Digital Marketing.

Ljupka received the Marketing Teaching Excellent Award thanks to her initiative of getting students from the MSc in Strategic & Digital Marketing involved in real-life business cases as part of their studies. Ljupka was able to link these students with various SMEs in France who are lacking in marketing resources or are on the hunt for marketing experts to help them develop their projects.

A double advantage: students gained real, hands-on experience before they had even finished their studies, all whilst being advised and accompanied by the business owners, and the companies benefited from the expertise of the students from Rennes SB without putting a strain on their budgets.

The Management & Organisation Teaching Excellence Award

Ronald Clarke, Assistant professor in the Management and Organisation Academic Area

Ronald earned the Management & Organisation Teaching Excellence Award for the development of a specialised module for MSc students. The aim of the module was to prepare the students to manage and lead teams, while developing their design, trust and motivation, enhancing their performance and productivity and working on their capacities for creativity, innovation and decision-making.

The Finance & Accounting Teaching Excellence Award

Roman Matkovskyy, Associate professor in the Finance & Accounting Academic Area.

Roman earned the Finance & Accounting award for his outstanding teaching on highly specialised financial modules, namely in Economic Modelling and Recent topics in AI and Finance for the MSc in Financial Data Intelligence and Applied Economics for the MSc in International Finance.

While it was complicated, we enjoyed it and learned a lot!

This is the motto that drives Roman in his creation and teaching of courses, he wants his students to be highly engaged and challenged, whilst maintaining their momentum and motivation from the beginning to the end of the course. He makes use of real-life data, rich content, challenging projects, constant support, and continuous assessments… all delivered with a few jokes!

The Strategy & Innovation Teaching Excellence Award

Wilian Gatti Junior, Assistant Professor in the Strategy and Innovation Academic Area.

Wilian won the award for his module in Strategic Management of Innovation, a course which is based on two interrelated goals:

  • Introducing concepts related to innovation management
  • Nurturing the tolerance of ambiguity


In its approach, Wilian’s module is designed to articulate content and activities in order to provide immersive and experiential learning opportunities through discussing innovation, discussions on contemporary topics and research-based knowledge.

The Pedagogical Innovation Award

Wilian Gatti Junior, Assistant Professor in the Strategy and Innovation Academic Area.

Wilian also walked away with the Pedagogical Innovation Award thanks to his work on game-based learning during which games are used as problem-solving spaces in an attempt to create/ promote the metagame (social practices that happen in and/or outside of the games).

The Strategy Game is Wilian’s principle gamified learning creation and aims to undercover gaps in strategy knowledge in those playing the game, and his students are also guided in the creation and elaboration of their own games to foster basic cognitive acts related to design thinking.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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