Faculty & Research -The second edition of the Unframed Thinking Seminar at Rennes School of Business

The second edition of the Unframed Thinking Seminar at Rennes School of Business

After a successful first edition, the Instructional and Learning Innovation (ILI) department is back with a second edition of the Unframed Thinking Seminar on Friday 9 June 2023, with over 90 professors participating in the event.

The Unframed Thinking Seminar, an event which is particularly aimed at the Faculty of Rennes School of Business, offers lectures, collaborative workshops and round tables on the theme of innovative and active teaching in higher education, notably in relation to the challenges of the future. The aim of this seminar is to help and support teachers in their professional development, while giving them the keys and applications to the challenges of AI in education.

This year, the seminar opened with a keynote speech by Céline Azemar and Jose Parra, followed by a talk on “Pedagogy 3.0: Harnessing AI to support Teaching & Learning” by Dale P. Johnson. The round table discussion focused on “Key competencies for success in AI-integrated education”, with participants including Viktoria Pammer-Schindler, André Nemeh, Johan S Roos and Viatcheslav Dmitriev, as well as Lisa Ferrer and Maxence Rigalle.

Benoît Alvergnat and Pilar Gonzalez Ruiz, among others, then held a pitch on “Education & AI: ally or rival? The rest of the afternoon was devoted to collaborative workshops between the various seminar participants.

Exploring the Role of AI in Education for a Sustainable Future

It is imperative to address AI in education now to realise key opportunities, prevent and mitigate emergent risks, and tackle unintended consequences. Artificial intelligence has emerged as a powerful force, revolutionising various sectors, and education is no exception. Like many of you, I have been captivated by the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence. It’s a topic that’s difficult to keep up with, as new advancements and breakthroughs seem to happen every day. But amidst the overwhelming flow of information, it’s crucial for us to recognise the importance of AI and its impact on teaching and learning.” Jose Parra, Pedagogical Innovation Manager at Rennes SB.

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