Faculty & Research -Rennes SB leads EU Horizon Grant funded project for a more inclusive society

Rennes SB leads EU Horizon Grant funded project for a more inclusive society

Rennes School of Business has successfully secured a European Horizon Grant for the SONYA research & innovation grant proposal, led by Professor Petya Puncheva. This project achieved outstanding scores in the HORIZON-CL2-2024-TRANSFORMATIONS Grant competition, as recognised by the European Commission.

This achievement signifies a major milestone for Rennes School of Business as the school leads a Horizon Consortium to success—an unprecedented accomplishment within French business schools. Aligned with Rennes SB’s dedication to nurturing Unframed Leaders for a new economy characterised by creativity, collaboration, and sustainability, SONYA exemplifies the school’s ongoing efforts to fulfill this commitment.

Empowering Social Economy Organisations through SONYA

SONYA, led by professor Petya Puncheva, aims to support social economy organisations within multi-actor rural networks, fostering an ecosystem conducive to retaining and attracting talent in the social elderly care sector. The project will explore research-based solutions for organisational innovation and networking in three social enterprises located in remote regions of Italy, Spain, and Bulgaria.

The project team is composed of both senior and emerging researchers, set to collaborate with highly motivated and expert international partners from Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, and Australia.