Faculty & Research -Reza Mohammadi, new Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Reza Mohammadi, new Senior Lecturer in Marketing

At the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year, the School has welcomed 11 new professors. We are pleased to introduce these new members of our community, continuing this week with Reza Mohammadi.

We are pleased to continue the introduction of our ten new professors with the appointment of Dr Reza Mohammadi, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Rennes School of Business. 

Reza holds an MSc in Management and Marketing from Paris X University Nanterre and he received his PhD in Management from the University of Montpellier, France.

His research is in the intersection of information systems and marketing and more specifically he works on e-health tools and applications. His focus of interest is the adoption and marketing of connected objects and applications that help physicians to treat the patients by distance and monitor their health status.

He has received a large amount of funding for research projects and his proposed e-health research topic received a 75000€ grant from Labex Entreprendre which led to the completion of his doctoral studies. He has the experience of collaborating with FrenchTech incubator BIC (Business and Innovation Center) in Montpellier and Paris and he managed to raise funds for several startups and young entrepreneurs with e-health projects. Before joining academia, he had more than 12 years of experience in the field of marketing as a consultant in Iran, Turkey and Canada.

He publishes his research in journals of management and health. He has been a reviewer of BMC Health Services Research for several years and after submitting his doctoral research articles in high-ranking journals such as International Journal of Innovation Management IJIM, he has several research projects in progress to be published in good academic journals.

We are delighted to have him join our faculty and wish him a very successful start to this new academic year. Welcome, Reza!