Faculty & Research -Venezuela’s Economy in 2019: the beginning of the end?

Venezuela’s Economy in 2019: the beginning of the end?

Oil and democracy. A Rennes SB conference : 28 March 2019 – 6:00 pm

Oil and democracy. What do these two have in common in relation to regime changes, economic tensions, and military interventions?

After Iraq and the Arab spring, Venezuela became the hottest topic in the geopolitical scene, where both the economic and political situations are in a critical point of no return.

  • Is the Maduro era on the verge of ending?
  • What are the outcomes of his policies and the collapsing economy on the Venezuelan people?
  • How are they coping with it? What are the different solutions towards an economic reconstruction and escaping hyperinflation?

These questions will be adressed and answered by Mr. Luis Colasante, head of Economic Research at Sogefi, Mr. Christopher Dembik, Global Head of macroeconmics at Saxobank, and Mr Roy Dakroub, lecturer in Behavioral Economics at Rennes School of Business.

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