Faculty & Research

Rennes School of Business faculty is cosmopolitan, engaged, and relevant. Their way of being #UnframedThinkers!

A main feature of our faculty is its highly cosmopolitan nature: 95% our faculty members are international academics, often with double passports and representing more than 42 nationalities.

Our faculty is also strongly engaged. Engaged in academic research, for many of them involved in the school’s Areas of Excellence. Engaged in teaching, by offering high quality classroom experience, often drawing from their own research and paired up with the use of new pedagogical tools, including synchronous and asynchronous learning. Engage in practice, by offering their research and pedagogical expertise to external stakeholders, both in the School’s immediate ecosystem and beyond.

Lastly, our faculty is relevant, as most of their work – both in research and in pedagogy – strives for impact toward our internal – i.e., the students – and external – i.e., companies and policy makers – stakeholders. We strongly believe that research should make a difference, and our faculty embodies such belief in their actions.