Rennes School of Business has a deep strategic commitment to high quality, impactful research.
We believe that research must be of high academic quality and have made a deep commitment to support our faculty in such pursuit, which has recently resulted in a dramatic increase of the number of our publications in top journals across a variety of disciplines.

Part of this commitment is the creation of a Research.Lab, which channels most of the research activities of the school and hosts four Areas of Excellence:

  • Agribusiness (Agribusiness, Sustainable Development and CSR)
  • AI-Driven Business (Intelligence, Data-Driven Global Business)
  • Green, Digital & Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management (G3D)
  • mïnd (meaning, institutions and collective intelligence, information diffusion, networks and decision-making)

By focusing on phenomena and questions, the Areas are highly interdisciplinary by design, thus encouraging different takes on existing problems by leveraging faculty dialogue and pooling of diverse expertise. More than 70% of our faculty is active in at least one Area, meaning they have a project that is pertinent and has been validated (and often funded) by the Area.

In addition to high quality, our faculty strives for impactful research. To do so, Areas and their researchers strive to bring the results of their work to our students, by actively informing pedagogy in different programs of the School. They also continuously build partnerships with companies by diffusing their research findings in and exchanging with the corporate world, locally and beyond.

Dr Jean-Louis Mucchielli,
Associate Dean for Research