Academic impact

These are some examples of the academic impact of research-related activities developed by the school’s four Areas of Excellence since their founding in January 2019.

Agribusiness Area

  • Agribusiness Area: Created a Joint Research Team with the INRAe (France’s National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment) and the Agrocampus Ouest through the Research Laboratory SMART-LERECO. Team comprises 10 researchers: 4 from RSB, 4 from the INRAe and 2 from the Agrocampus. The Joint Research Team focuses on Agribusiness Global Risk Management
  • The Area Director (Dr. Guillaume Bagnarosa) has been invited by the French Senate, Economic Affairs Commission as an expert in the context of the study “Crop Insurance and Agricultural Disasters” (“Assurance récolte et les calamités agricoles”). The audit took place on Jan 28, 2020 (programme of the hearing).


AI-Driven Business Area

  • AI-Driven Business Area: Four ranked journal special issues edited by professors in the AI-Driven Business area in topics related to AI
    – Journal: Technological Forecasting and Social Change. Rennes SB editor: Dr. Dirk Schneckenberg. Special issue title: “Artificial Intelligence as an Enabler for Innovation”
    – Journal: International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research. Rennes SB editor: Dr. Dirk Schneckenberg. Special issue title: “Artificial Intelligence as an Enabler for Entrepreneurs”
    – Journal: Journal of Business Research. Rennes SB editor: Dr. Bernadett Koles. Special issue title: “Virtual Reality in Marketing”
    – Journal: Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance. Rennes SB editor: Dr. Michael Dowling. Special issue title: “Artificial Intelligence for Behavioral Finance”
  • Numerous collaborative research projects with external partners
    – CCI Paris: funded project on the application of machine learning as a tool to understanding the investment readiness of small and medium sized firms
    – b<>com: funded project (“Prospective”) on the future prospects for AI as a transformational tool in the delivery of financial services
    – dotLAB: international research network agreement with the Irish Institute for Digital Business (dotLAB), with AI-Driven Business Area being the dotLAB France member. Research collaboration network concentrates on sharing resources for the development of digital and AI business research
    – Zayed University, UAE: funded project jointly with the Agribusiness Area of Excellence on the use of topic modelling to understand the use of narratives in agricultural commodity markets and the link with pricing. Project showcases the types of synergies and collaborations possible between Areas.


Green, Digital & Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management (G3D) Area

  • Publication on regular basis in top journals in Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations Research and Information Systems, such as European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Production Economics, Information & Management, Journal of Business Ethics, and International Journal of Production Research (total of 14 papers for last academic year)
  •  Organisation of Internal Research Seminars with highly-reputed invited researchers and editors of top journals. Some examples
    – June 18, 2019: seminar with Dr. Tamer Boyaci (Senior Editor for Production and Operations Management) and Dr. Olga Battaia (Associate editor for IISE Transactions, Omega, JMR and IJMS)
    – Oct 15, 2019: seminar with Dr. James Marsden (Departmental Editor for Decision Support Systems) and Dr. Patrick Chau (Editor in Chief Information & Management)
    – Dec 12, 2019: seminar with Dr. Ou Tang (Editor for International Journal of Production Economics)
  • Leader of a research project (Project CONCLuDE) funded by the French National Research Agency. Project duration is four years (Nov 2016-Nov 2020).
  • Developed collaboration agreements with the Environmental Engineering research department of the Institute Mines-Telecom Atlantique (IMT Atlantique, a CNRS group of 60 researchers in Nantes) as well as with highly reputed institutions such as Grenoble INP and ISAE Supaero


mïnd Area

  • Leveraging of advanced techniques such as network analysis and topic modeling to explore complexity – in its many dimensions – as an opportunity rather than a problem
  • Development of the Integrated Learning Engine (ILE) for textual data collection and analysis. The ILE is a tool that faculty can use to automatically download data (e.g., tweets about a specific topic or from one or more specified authors) and apply to it various advanced analytical techniques (e.g., topic modeling, sentiment and emotion analysis) that are integrated in the tool. Tool is for now being reserved to Rennes SB faculty, but plan is to open access to the Area’s international network of collaborators
  • Development of an Experimental Lab (eLab) for running behavioral experiments, including facial emotion analysis and eye tracking
  • Research project (“Prospective”) with Technology Research Institute b<>com (Rennes). Project aims to interrogate, explore, and anticipate in a multidisciplinary way the future uses of artificial intelligence and its impacts on the economic, social, legal, and ethical spheres, via the combination of innovative methods from engineering, design, and human and social sciences.
  •  In line with the mandate of the Area as to research excellence, Area members publish or have published in top journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management Information Systems, and Research Policy
  • Organisation of regular seminars and paper development workshops with internal and external speakers. Research guest speakers are, among others, Dr. Nishant Kumar Verma (Indian Institute of Management Bangalore), Dr. Juliana Sutanto (Lancaster University), Dr. Felipe Massa (Loyola University New Orleans), and Dr. Moontae Lee (University of Illinois Chicago)
  • Organisation (jointly with Imperial College London and Stockholm School of Economics) of a Paper and Idea Development Workshop on “Advancing management theory with sports data” on April 17, 2020. Workshop includes 17 papers and around 50 faculty and PhD students form all over the world, including current and/or past senior editors from top management journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, and Academy of Management Review. Originally planned as a physical conference to be held for Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm (Sweden), it went virtual due to COVID-19 pandemic, thus representing one of the first attempt at a new way of academic dissemination that is more sustainable, more inclusive, and more future-oriented