Academic outcomes

These are some examples of the academic impact of research-related activities developed by the school’s Research centres since their founding.


Research Lab seminars

Research Lab Interdisciplinary Seminar (RLIS) is designed to help identifying synergies among faculty members from different disciplines.

  • February 2022 – Dr. Raouf Boucekkine & Dr. Ramzi Hammami – Managing epidemic emergencies: lessons from economic demography and operations research.
  • March 2022 – Dr. Batikas & Dr. Claire-Lise Ackermann – Issues in digitalisation: privacy and sharing platforms


Twice a month the QMCM (Quantitative Model for Commodity Markets) research seminars have been set up in 2020 jointly with the INRAe, Rennes-1 and DCU where all the Agro Economics and Agricultural Operational and Risk Management sub-area members can exchange.

  • October 21 – Dr. Guillaume Bagnarosa – RSB – The Microstructure of Cointegration in a High-Frequency Setting: The Soybean Complex Case
  • November 21- Ioannis Chalkiadakis – RSB – On-chain Analytics for Sentiment-driven Statistical Causality in Cryptocurrencies
  • November 21 – Mickaël Pouliquen – RSB/IMT – Learning from Public and Private Information on Crop Prices Dynamics
  • December 21 – Thibaud Garnier -RSB/IMT – Inter-Crop Spread and Grain Inventories
  • January 22 – Romain Menier – RSB/IMT – Glycerin Modeling and Hedging with Infrequent Trading
  • February 2022 – Xinquan Zhou RSB/DCU – Topic modelling and volatility dynamics
  • February 2022 – Alexandre Gohin – INRAe – SMART Lereco – Understanding the European Futures Markets on Dairy Products: a Multi-Product Perspective
  • March 2022 – Pooya HEDAYATINIA – Université Rennes 1 – Option contracts in a supply chain with bankruptcy risk
  • April 22 – Dr. Emmanuel Eyiah Kondor – RSB – Forecasting the Real Price of Oil: A Cautionary Note.
  • May 22 –Dr. Delphine Lautier, Université Paris Dauphine – TBA


  • October 21 – Dr. Sarah Hudson & Dr.Oncu Hazir – RSB – AI and its role in management research and AI & HR decisions
  • November 21 – Dr.Damien Dupre – Dublin City Business School (dotLAB Ireland). – “Urban and socio-economic correlates of property prices in Dublin’s area
  • November 21 – Dr. Gogas Periklis – Democritus University of Thrace – Brief description of the AI lab at the University in Greece with a list of related publications and memberships in international AI organizations
  • November 21 – Dr.Miguel Minutti Meza – Miami Business School – Regression and Machine Learning Methods to Predict Discrete Outcomes in Accounting Research
  • December 21 – Dr. Ulrich Leicht-Deobald – University of St.Gallen – Fairness of Algorithms in HR Management
  • February 22 – Dr.Rohit NISHANT – Management Information Systems at Laval University – AI and Sustainability – what does empirical evidence inform us?
  • March 22 – Dr.Paavo Ritala – LUT School of Business and Management – Ai & Organizational Learning
  • April 22- Dr. Dmitry Ivanov – Berlin School of Economics & Laws – The use of AI in Supply Chain & Digital Technologies for Resilience Management

G3D seminars

  • October 2021: Dr. Reza Zanjirani-Farahani, “Research and Publications guidelines”
  • November 2021: Erfan Asgari, “Advanced demand functions to model market sensitivity to green products: application to the retail sector”.
  • January 2022: Dr. Tanveer Ahsan, “Do corporate governance mechanisms curb the anti-environmental behavior of firms across the world? An illustration through waste management.”
  • March 2022: Dr. Sinan Salman (Zayed University) and Dr. Suzan Alaswad (Zayed University), “Food waste and risk management”.
  • April 2022: Dr. Michail Batikas, “The effect of GDPR on Mobile Apps Ecosystem”.