Applied research for corporate

Partnership actions

  • Launching educational initiatives
  • Create a research chair in your name
  • Partner with the research center of your choice to feed and use the results of this research
  • Co-develop and co-lead a master’s degree and recruit the best talent for your sector
  • Employ a PhD student in your R&D department with a  CIFRE agreement
  • Participate in round tables according to the expertise expected

Rennes SB expertises

Expertise in Finance & Accounting

  • International Finance, Financial Econometrics
  • Capital markets – Investments – Islamic Finance – Tourism
  • Economics – Health Economics – Banking
  • Financial innovations, AI, cryptocurrency, blockchain, safety, inequality (economics and finance)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Management accounting, management control, performance management
  • Risk management, commodity markets, financial markets, quantitative modelling
  • Finance, Asset Pricing,Financial reporting, Accounting, derivatives, Islamic finance, alternative investments
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, Bank Stability, Corporate Finance, Islamic Finance,International business taxation, FDI
  • Return Predictability, Portfolio Choice, Empirical Asset Pricing. These topics are also studied in the context of AI
  • Corporate Finance
  • Sustainable finance – Emerging markets
  • Corporate governance; financial reporting
  • Cryptocurrencies, corporate governance, tax avoidance, earnings quality
  •  Corporate Finance, Financial institutions, International business

Expertise in Marketing

  • Negotiation, conflict resolution, public disputes
  • Digital Marketing, Data Analysis, Field
  • Experiments (A/B Tests), Customer
  • Relationship Management, Customer Onboarding, Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention,
  • Marketing (product development & fundamentals) and Cross cultural negotiations
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Retail, service robots, digital consumer behaviour, tourism and IT, Information communication technology
  • Measurement of marketing efficiency and productivity, Managing and building brand sustainably and in a socially responsible manner.
  • Consumer behaviour, Brand Management
  • Omni-channel consumer behaviour, consumer emotions, and customer experience.
  • International Business & Marketing
  • Pedagogy, student motivation (only general marketing)

Expertise in Strategy & Innovation

  • Innovation and technology management, mobile telecommunications, standard eveloping organization, textual analysis, network analysis, bibliometrics
  • Game-based learning, gamification, innovation management, design thinking, entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge management, strategy, innovation
  • Economics of innovation, firm dynamics, social network analysis, econometrics, sustainability transition, applied data science
  • Entrepreneurship – Strategy and Global
  • Quality Management – Process Management
  • Strategy, cooperation strategies, innovation management, project management, R&D strategies, AI
  • Geopolitics
  • Competition, international business, strategic alliance, and interfirm network,
    Innovation management, business strategy, interfirm alliance
  • Collective Intelligence, Fuzzy Multi-criteria decision making
  • Strategic Management – Innovation -Entrepreneurship
  • Business Models, Entrepreneurial cognition, Sustainability .
  • Health economist
  • Strategy, Organizational Innovation, Qualitative Methods
  • Expertise Management & Organization
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, Sociology
  • Organisational Behaviour / Managing people and teams /
  • Managing International Complexity / International
  • Management / International HRM
  • Organizational behavior, leadership, motivation
  • Managerial work, managerial skills, organizational behaviour, organization theory, qualitative research methods.
  • CSR, Sustainable development, business ethics, waste management and recycling, circular economy
  • Sport management; non-profits; Branding, creativity, innovation,
  • Organizational behavior; international HRM; technology in HRM
  • Teams, social networks. leadership
  • Education, training and development in the subjects related to contemporary project management and organizational behavior(especially change management)
  • Sustainability, consumer & employee emotions
  • CSR, employee health and safety, sustainability reporting, recruitment, employer branding
  • Ethics, Public Private Partnerships, CSR
  • Big Data & Data Analytics

Expertise in Supply Chain

  • Operations and supply chain management
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Techniques in Logistics and
  • Production systems.
  • Demand Forecasting, Inventory Control, Production Planning
  • Management Information Systems
  • Supply Chain Management, Operations Research
  • Project Management, Supply Chain,Management, Inventory Management
  • Information system, information management, social media, e-commerce, online privacy, fintech
  • Inventory management; Green Operations; Blcokchain in
  • SCM
  • IS (UX, Web analytics, MIS, Green IT)
  • Economics of IS/Digitization, Platform Markets, Applied
  • Industrial Organization,
  • Strategy & Organization, Digital Economy,
  • Privacy, Pirac

Impact from other research

Examples of management practices, public policy, etc., informed by the our faculty’s research or intellectual contributions:

Developed in collaboration with an app game company, my paper “Gaining more with less: Investigating the effects of sales promotion strategies in the freemium context through field experiments” provides compelling evidence that running price discount sales promotions in a game app is far more effective at generating in-app purchases than using bonus pack sales promotions. Best evidence for the relevance of this insight is the fact that the partner company switched its sales promotion strategy from bonus packs to price discounts following insights from my work. (Dr. Yashar Bashirzadeh)


Dr Thomas FLICHY de La NEUVILLE, Rennes School of BusinessMy research has had an impact on the activities of policy makers. Namely, I have been quoted in several the French Parliament reports, such as:
–        Rapport d’information du 13 juillet 2016 fait en application de l’article 145 du règlement de l’Assemblée nationale au nom de la mission d’information sur les moyens de Daech. Président, Jean-Frédéric POISSON, rapporteur, Kader ARIF.
–        Audition par la commission des affaires étrangères du Sénat dans le cadre du rapport d’information n° 22 (2015-2016) de MM. Jacques LEGENDRE, Daniel REINER, Mme Michelle DEMESSINE et M. Joël GUERRIAU, fait au nom de la commission des affaires étrangères, de la défense et des forces armées, déposé le 7 octobre 2015.
I will be audited in Spring 2020 by members of the U.S. Senate.
From 2014 to 2016 I have been geopolitical advisor to the French Chief of the Defense staff, General Pierre de Villiers. (Dr. Thomas Flichy De La Neuville)


HURE ESCResults from a recent paper in which I collaborated with a manager (Mr. Laurent Piveteau, Marketing and Communication Manager at Direct Optic) directly informed the company (Direct Optic) to transform their strategy into an omni-channel one. (Dr. Élodie Hure)



My research was featured in recent news articles:
–        Articles on my research on tourists’ experiences in restaurants were published in Hôtellerie-Restauration in 2018 and in Industrie Hotellière in November 2019. These professional magazines are widely read by hotel and restaurant managers in France. The articles provided guidelines for professionals in ensuring a more meaningful experience in restaurants for tourists, particularly international tourists
–        An article in Ouest France in Oct 2019 provided insights into new food consumption trends. As Ouest France being the most widely read newspaper in France, it is likely that this will provide insights that will inform practices of local food providers. (Dr. Sheila Matson)


Dr PUNCHEVA PetyaMy research on the invisible barriers for the inclusion of women in tech had an impact on this sector. I worked with ESTIM Numerique (Association for the inclusion of women in tech), Capgemini (Hélène RIOU, HR manager), and Ti Lab (Brittany public research lab – Laboratoire régional d’innovation publique). Roundtables focused on the development of a research tool (Etude ESTIM) to study the current representation of women across diverse professions in the digital sector in Brittany. Work included  a series of meetings and it resulted in an article in Le Monde (Feb 7, 2020: La culture masculine de la tech est aussi un frein à l’embauche… des hommes, by Sarah Hudson and Petya Puncheva), which raised the interest of several practitioners. (Dr. Petya Puncheva)


SCARINGELLA ESCMy paper “The challenges of radical innovation in Iran: Knowledge transfer and absorptive capacity highlights – Evidence from a joint venture in the construction sector” has been circulating among different international firms interested to operate in Iran, as well as among Iranian firms willing to collaborate with international firms (Dr. Laurent Scaringella)


Dr Yann Duzert, Rennes School of BusinessMy research with Dr. Frank Zerunyan (Professor of Practice/Director of Executive Education at University of Southern California – Price School of Public Policy) led to the publication of a book, Newgotiation for Public Administration Professionals, which  has had an impact on the sponsorship of utility company EDISON. USC Provost and new President of USC congratulated us expressed their interest in seeing this vision of educating cities realized.  I applied the same framework working for Raquel Dodge, Brazil’s General Attorney, to train the Brazil’s prosecutors and judges negotiating collaborative governance for the worst environmental and social crisis in Brazil history (the Dam Disasters of Brumadinho and Mariana). The success of this initiative led to an invitation by the President of Brazil’s Supreme Court and from the National Council of Justice to develop capacity building in Goias related to water management (cf. Goias Court of Justice and Goias School of Prosecutors). This also led to an invitation from the Laboratory of Innovation and Intelligence of the National Council of Justice to publish a book with a counselor Maria Tereza Uille and to hold an online webinar open to the 200,000 civil workers of the Ministry of Justice of Brazil on June 2, 2020. (Dr. Yann Duzert)