The Research.Lab is open to all Rennes SB faculty members and emerges from our belief that research must be impactful and make a difference. To make sure that this is the case, we have decided to move out of traditional discipline-based research (i.e., research in marketing, research in finance, etc.) toward research that:

  • Addresses current issues relevant to organisations and institutions, and
  • Is transdisciplinary in nature, cutting through multiple management disciplines.

To identify on which topics such research should focus on, we leveraged existing skills across our multicultural faculty and identified four different areas of strength, which are critically relevant for today’s businesses.

Through the competence of our current faculty members and a strategic effort to focus in strengthening these skills via our growth we aim at building unique expertise in these areas so that we can provide relevant, impactful, and novel views on these topics to academics and practitioners alike, thus becoming a reference point on these issues in Europe and worldwide.

Such belief is captured in our Research.Lab motto: “This is different. This makes a difference. This is Research at Rennes SB.”


Our four Areas of Excellence:

  • Agribusiness (Agribusiness, Sustainable Development and CSR)
  • AI-Driven Business (Intelligence, Data-Driven Global Business)
  • Green, Digital & Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management (G3D)
  • mïnd (meaning, institutions and collective intelligence, information diffusion, networks and decision-making)