BAGNAROSA ESCOver the past decades, increasing agricultural knowledge and numerous innovation systems in the agribusiness have ensured that the international food system provides adequate supplies of food for an always growing population. Beyond this central role played by the sector in food security, agribusiness has also contributed to the global economic development and the worldwide poverty alleviation by being and remaining one of the main industrial sectors.

However, and as a result of the increasing awareness of environmental threats and of food safety combined with the agribusiness digitalisation from production to processing and to retail, all the processes and infrastructures involved in the globalised food system witness rapid transformations and new constraints raising simultaneously new challenges and opportunities.
Dr Guillaume BAGNAROSA, Director of Agribusiness

PostDoc researcher

The Agribusiness research center is hiring a PostDoc researcher:
Post-Doctoral research position (12 months) in Agri-Food/Consumer Experience

Research Group

Sustainable & Responsible Agribusiness  
Q: How can we help agribusinesses to reduce their emissions and diversify their sources of revenues in a sustainable manner?

Agri-Food & Consumer Behavior
Q: How can we develop food services/experiences and cultural aspects of food?

Agricultural Economics
Q: What are the impacts of government decisions on the agribusinesses?

Agricultural Engineering & Risk Management
Q: How should Agribusiness companies measure and mitigate their exposure to production and price risks (climate risk, price and profit margin uncertainty,…)?

Innovating in Agribusiness
Q: How can we improve the innovation process among local and national Agribusiness companies?

Current work (3 axes – academic/pedagogic/Corporate)

Risk Management in Agribusiness:  
Risk modelling in agribusinesses. Two risk dimensions studied: the commodities markets prices fluctuations and the climate risk. Their potential impact on the supply chain and the agribusiness companies performances will be estimated and the hedging strategies for reducing it considered.
Certificate on Risk Management in Agri-business jointly with the ABEA (Breton Agri-food Business Association), the INRAe and the Agro-Institute (Agro-Institute + Montpellier SupAgro)
Three CIFRE contracts with Avril group, Saipol and Eureden.

Food Experience: 

Food consumption research, ie. Social and cultural aspects of consumption (food trends, food and retailing behaviours) and contexts such as tourism), psychological issues (attitudes, decision making…)  and digital influences on food consumption (food apps, foodporn…).
Joint certificate on the Management of the Food Transition with ESA and Valorial.
Funding from Brittany region for a consumer behavior research project jointly with members of the innovation cluster Valorial.

Agricultural Externalities:
Investigate ‘agricultural externalities’, that is, agriculture’s positive and negative externalities from and geared towards organizations, (cooperatives and businesses or societal organizations such governmental agencies), humans (peasants or consumers), and  non-humans such as land or animals.
Jointly organised with the CREM, Rennes 1 and the CNRS a workshop on Food Experimental Economics in May 2021
Collaboration with the Bretton environmental observatory on the optimisation of biofuel supply chain in Brittany.

Some recent publications

  • Thomas Conlon, John Cotter, Emmanuel Eyiah-Donkor (2022). “The illusion of oil return predictability: The choice of data matters!”, Journal of Banking & Finance, Volume 134, 2022, 106331
  • Youenn Lohéac. (2020). “Hunger and intertemporal decisions: Experimental literature and empirical illustration”, Revue Economique, 71 (1), pp.195-207
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  • Moore-Mangin, A. and  Sarah Hudson. (2021). “How can agriculture attract, retain and protect Migrant workers during a World Health Crisis”. The Case Center 421-0090-1 , 7.

Affiliate Professors

Dr. Cele Otnes – Professor Emeritus of Business Administration – Gies College of Business – University of Illinois – USA
Dr. Jean Cordier : Professor Emeritus in Economics and Management – Institut Agro
Dr. Mark Cummins – Professor of Finance – DCU Business School – Deputy Director of the Irish Institute of Digital Business
Dr. Romain Espinosa – CNRS Research fellow – Centre international de recherche sur l’environnement et le développement – CIRED




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