Dr Maher AGI

Associate Professor

Department: Supply Chain Management and Information Systems


Expertise liée aux objectifs de développement durable des Nations unies :

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  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Research
  • Research methods


  • PhD, Mines Paris Tech, Paris (2005)
  • MSc, CNAM & ECP, Paris (2002)
  • ESSEC (Cursus Grande École) (1996)


  • Head of the Department SCM&IS at Rennes School of Business, (2015 – January 2019)

Research Interest

  • Green/Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  •  Supply Chain Coordination
  • Blockchain in supply chain management
  • Inventory Management
  • Assembly Line Balancing

Work experience


  • Associate Professor, Supply Chain Management Academic Area, Rennes School of Business (September 2020 – Present)
  • Assistant Professor, Supply Chain Management Academic Area, Rennes School of Business (2015 – August 2020)
  •  Associate Professor, HIBA (2008- 2014)
  • Assistant Professor / ATER, Université d’Evry (2005- 2007)
  •   Lecturer, Mines Paris Tech, ENSTA and EM-Grenoble (2003- 2006)


  • Consultant in management (1997-2003)

Academic Background

  • PhD, Mines Paris Tech, Paris (2005)
  • MSc, CNAM & ECP, Paris (2002)
  • ESSEC (Cursus Grande École) (1996)

Intellectual contributions

Refereed articles

Discipline-Based Scholarship

  • Agi Maher, Xinghao Yan, Hazir Oncu (2023) Piling and Discounting Perishable Products: Optimal Replenishment and Discounting Policy for Perishable Products when Demand depends on the Inventory-level and the Price. European Journal of Industrial Engineering 10.1504/EJIE.2024.10053955
  • Timur Narbaev, Oncu Hazir, Maher Agi (2022) A Review of the Use of Game Theory in Project Management. Journal of Management in Engineering, Volume 38 Issue 6 – November 2022, 03122002
  • Maher A.N. Agi, Ashish Kumar Jha (2022) Blockchain technology for supply chain management: An integrated theoretical perspective of organizational adoption. International Journal of Production Economics,Volume 247, May 2022, 108458
  • HAZIR, Öncü, AGI, Maher AN, et GUÉRIN, Jérémy. An efficient branch and bound algorithm for smoothing the workloads on simple assembly lines. International Journal of Production Research, 2021, vol. 59, no 2, p. 617-634.
  • AGI, Maher AN et YAN, Xinghao. Greening products in a supply chain under market segmentation and different channel power structures. International Journal of Production Economics, 2020, vol. 223, p. 107523.
  • JHA, Ashish Kumar, AGI, Maher AN, et NGAI, Eric WT. A note on big data analytics capability development in supply chain. Decision Support Systems, 2020, vol. 138, p. 113382.
  • AGI, Maher AN et SONI, Hardik N. Joint pricing and inventory decisions for perishable products with age-, stock-, and price-dependent demand rate. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2020, vol. 71, no 1, p. 85-99.
  • HAZIR, Öncü, AGI, Maher AN, et GUÉRIN, Jérémy. A fast and effective heuristic for smoothing workloads on assembly lines: algorithm design and experimental analysis. Computers & Operations Research, 2020, vol. 115, p. 104857.
  • AGI, Maher AN, FARAMARZI-OGHANI, Sohrab, et HAZIR, Öncü. Game theory-based models in green supply chain management: a review of the literature. International Journal of Production Research, 2020, p. 1-20.
  • Agi, Maher AN, and Rohit Nishant. “Understanding influential factors on implementing green supply chain management practices: An interpretive structural modelling analysis.” Journal of Environmental Management 188 (2017): 351-363.
  • AGI Maher, BALLOT Eric & MOLET Hugues, “100% EDI-Connected Suppliers projects. An Empirical Investigation of Success Factors”, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, Volume 11, Issues 2 -3 March-May 2005, pp. 107-115.
  • AGI Maher & BALLOT Eric, “L’EDI, instrument de transformation organisationnelle: une étude de cas dans le secteur automobile”, Revue Française de Gestion industrielle (RFGI). Vol. 24, no 2, 2005, pp. 21-38.
  • AGI Maher, “Le partage d’informations logistiques: apports et limites”, Revue Française de Gestion Industrielle (RFGI), Vol 23, no 4, 2004, pp. 5-25.

Refereed proceedings

Discipline-Based Scholarship

  • Agi, M, Jha, A.K. Adoption behavior of Blockchain technology in the supply chain. Advanced Research in Supply Chain Management, Milan, Italy, 19-20 May 2023
  • Hazir, O., Agi, M., Guerin, J. Workload Smoothing and the Robustness of Assembly Line Balancing: A Simulation Analysis. 32nd EURO The Association of European Operational Research Societies Conference, Espoo, Finland, 3-6 July 2022
  • Maher Agi. A DEMATEL-based analysis of the enablers of block chain technology adoption in sustainable supply chain managementg. Manufacturing Modelling, Management and Control – 10th MIM 2022 Conference. Nantes, France, 22-24 June 2022
  • Agi, Maher. Understanding the Enablers of Blockchain Technology Adoption in Sustainable Supply Chains: A DEMATEL-Based Analysis. Manufacturing, modelling, management and control – 10 th MIM2022, Nantes, France, 22-24 June 2022
  • AGI, Maher AN et HAZIR, Öncü. Game theory-based research in green supply chain management: A review. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 2019, vol. 52, no 13, p. 2267-2272.
  • HAZIR, Öncü, AGI, Maher, et GUÉRIN, Jérémy. A Problem Specific Heuristic for Smoothing the Workload in Simple Assembly Lines. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 2019, vol. 52, no 13, p. 2562-2565.
  • NEHEH André & AGI Maher, “Horizontal Cooperation in Supply Chain Management: A Literature Review.” 19th European Academy of Management Annual Conference, 2019, Lisbon.
  • Agi Maher & SONI Hardik, “Inventory Decisions for Perishable Products with Age and Stock Dependent Demand Rate.”, ICLSCM 2018 :20th Int. Conf. on Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 2018, Amsterdam.
  • Agi Maher. “Analysis of the influence of organizational and inter-organizational factors on the implementation of Green Supply Chain Management practices.” 2015 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management (IESM). IEEE, 2015.
  • AGI Maher, BALLOT Eric & MOLET Hugues, “100% EDI-connected suppliers projects: an empirical investigation of success factors”, 14th annual IPSERA Conference, March 22-23, 2005, Archamps, France, pp.9-22.
  • AGI Maher & GREGOIRE Laurent, “Perceptual quality aspects in the logistics performance evaluation”, 6th annual conference on Quality Management and Organizational Development (QMOD 2003), 2003, Paris.

Service to the profession

Journal Reviewer

  • International Journal of Production Economics (IJPE)
  • Omega
  • International Journal of Production Research (IJPR)
  • Journal of Operational Research Society (JORS)
  • Journal of Cleaner Production
  • Journal of Environmental Management