Dr Elodie HURE

Assistant Professor

Department : Marketing

Nationalities :


  • Ph.D. IGR, Rennes, Marketing, 2012 Cross-channel grocery shopping: when consumers return to the store (written in French: L͛expérience trans-canal de magasinage alimentaire : le cas du retour en magasin suite à l͛adoption des supermarchés en ligne), defended on the 5th of December, 2012. Passed with Highest Honours.

Research interest

  • Marketing
  • Retailing
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Multi-, Cross-, Omni-channel commerce (including physical commerce, e-commerce, m-commerce)
  • Mobile applications

Work experience

  • Assistant professor, Rennes School of Business, Marketing Academic Area (Present)
  • Director of Studies, Master in Management (2016)

Intellectual contributions

Refereed Articles - Basic or Discovery Scholarship

Still work and/or fun? Corroboration of the hedonic and utilitarian shopping value scale.

Authors:Picot Coupey, K., Krey, N., Huré E., Ackermann, C.-L. Published in:Journal of Business Research, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jbusres.2019.12.018 Date:2019

Entre drive et supermarché: une exploration de l'intétration d'expériences de magasinage (Exploring the integration of online and physical grocery shopping experiences).

Authors:Huré, E. Published in:Revue Française de Marketing, Vol. 259, 1/4, pp. 33-46 Date:2017

Understanding omni-channel shopping value: a mixed-method study

Authors:Huré, E., Picot-Coupey, K., Ackermann, C.-L. Published in:Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol. 39 (November 2017), pp. 314-330 Date:2017

Channel design to enrich customers' shopping experiences: synchronizing clicks with bricks in an omni-channel perspective - the Direct Optic Case.

Authors:Picot-Coupey, K., Huré, E., Piveteau L Published in:International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, Vol. 44, N°. 3, 2016, pp. 336-368 Date:2016

M. Shopping with a Smartphone - A French-Japanese perspective

Authors:Cliquet, G., Picot-Coupey, K., Huré, E., & Gahinet Published in:Marketing-ZFP JRM Date:2014

E-supply chain et productivité: le cas de la distribution alimentaire

Authors:Huré, E., Vo, T., Cliquet, G., & Durand, B. Published in:Revue Française de Gestion Industrielle Date:2013

Grocery Shopping and Internet:

Authors:Picot-Coupey, K., Huré, E., Cliquet, G., & Petr, C. Published in:International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research Date:2009

Moving towards an omni-channel strategy: process and challenges

Authors:Picot-Coupey, Karine and Elodie Huré Published in:Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference Date:2015

Refereed proceedings - Discipline-Based Scholarship

  • Picot-Coupey, K, Krey, N, Huré, E, and Ackermann, CL (2018) Still Work and/or Fun? – Replicating the Personal Shopping Value Scale, Corroboration in Marketing Research Workshop, 21st Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress, Porto, Portugal, 26-29 June
  • Picot-Coupey, K., Krey, N., Huré, E., and Ackermann, C.L. (2018), Physical Shopping Value in a Digitalized Setting: Theoretical Thoughts and Empirical Investigations, 46th Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, New Orleans, United States of America, 23-25 May
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  • Picot-Coupey, Karine and Elodie Huré. Moving towards an omni-channel strategy: process and challenges. In: AMS (the academy of marketing science), Denver, United States of America, May 2015

Chapters, Cases, Readings, Supplements


  • Picot-Coupey, K., Michaud-Trevinal, A. Huré, E. Commerce omni-canal : vers quels dispositifs de maillage entre points de contact ? In: Perrigot, R. (dir.).
  • Retailing & Localisation : Une approche mulit-disciplinaire. Presses Universitaires de Provence, Travail&Gouvernance, 2018, 352 p.