i Business Proficiency Course


The i Business Proficiency Course (BPC) gives you a grounding on the fundamental concepts and areas of Business so you can succeed in further studies of management or use the acquired knowledge to have an insight on how companies operate.

The course, fully delivered online, is composed of five modules: Supply Chain, Marketing, Management and Organisations, Finance, and Strategy. The online delivery format allows you to complete the programme at your own pace.

Get your Business Certification now from a triple crown accredited top Business School!

Completing the modules and the corresponding evaluations will give you a headstart in any of the programmes at Rennes School of Business and, if you pass the evaluations, you´ll be eligible for the award of six ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) and the Business Proficiency Certificate issued by Rennes School of Business!


Santiago Garcia Rodriguez“Do you need to refresh your business knowledge before joining Rennes School of Business? Would you like to acquire the fundamentals of Business to have a solid grounding in the field?
This unique programme allows you to study a rigorous curriculum with the flexibility of doing it at your own pace so your normal life goes uninterrupted. Study, succeed in the evaluations, and you will get an additional line on your CV to round your professional and academic profile!”
Santiago Garcia,
Ph.D, Dean Global School


Admission procedure

Admission requirements

Students must register directly through this page. Students have to:

  • Understand written and verbal English
  • Have completed at least a high-school degree for the issuance of the certificate
  • Be familiar with the use of a PC and have a high-speed internet connection



All year

  • Duration: 150 hrs of study
  • Online

Application fees

Course attendance only: 200€
Course attendance + Business Proficiency Certificate: €1,300*
*For the issuance of the certificate, students must pass the required examinations

Teaching language

  • Anglais

Course Content

The i Business Proficiency Course is composed of five modules with a series of video tutorials, mandatory readings, and quizzes.

Attendance to all video tutorials, completion of the readings and passing each module quiz with a minimum mark of 60% and the final quiz with a minimum of 70% will give you the right to obtain a Business Proficiency Certificate (fees apply).

Each Module contains 10 units, and each of these has a video tutorial, mandatory readings and a quiz. After completion of the components of all units, a Module quiz will evaluate the successful acquisition of knowledge of each subject area. Passing a final quiz evaluating all modules will allow you to get the Business Proficiency Certificate, bearing 6 ECTS (fees apply).


Module 1 – Management & Organisations

  • Unit 1 Introduction to Organisations
  • Unit 2 Power and Organisational Politics
  • Unit 3 Recruitment & Selection
  • Unit 4 Performance Management & Training
  • Unit 5 Motivation & Incentives
  • Unit 6 Group Dynamics
  • Unit 7 Conflict Management
  • Unit 8 Organisational Culture
  • Unit 9 Well-being & Stress Management
  • Unit 10 Leadership & Decision Making
Penelope HARRISON, Rennes School of Business
Ms. Penny Harrison
Senior Lecturer

Module 2 – Supply Chain Management

  • Unit 1 Understanding the Supply Chain
  • Unit 2 Strategies and Decisions
  • Unit 3 Forecasting Demand
  • Unit 4 Location Decisions
  • Unit 5 Outsourcing Decisions & Supplier Selection
  • Unit 6 Intro to Inventory Management
  • Unit 7 Economic Order Quantity Model
  • Unit 8 Transportation Networks
  • Unit 9 Distribution Networks
  • Unit 10 Production & Aggregate Planning

Dr. Sohrab Faramarzi
Assistant Professor

Module 3 – Marketing

  • Unit 1 What is Marketing?
  • Unit 2 Different Contexts of Marketing
  • Unit 3 Understanding the Macro and Micro Environments
  • Unit 4 Consumer Behavior I
  • Unit 5 Consumer Behavior II
  • Unit 6 Qualitative Research
  • Unit 7 Quantitative Research
  • Unit 8 Segmenting, Targeting & Positioning
  • Unit 9 Marketing Mix I: Product
  • Unit 10 Marketing Mix II: Price, Place & Promotion
Dr Laurence Fort-Rioche, professeur à Rennes School of Business

Dr. Laurence Fort-Rioche
Associate Professor

Module 4 – Finance

  • Unit 1 Intro to Finance
  • Unit 2 Investment Appraisal
  • Unit 3 Project Analysis
  • Unit 4 Sources of Finance
  • Unit 5 Valuing Bonds
  • Unit 6 Valuing Equity
  • Unit 7 Risk & Returns I
  • Unit 8 Risk & Returns II
  • Unit 9 Capital Asset Pricing Model
  • Unit 10 Cost of Capital
Tipu SULTAN, Rennes School of Business
Mr. Tipu Sultan
Senior Lecturer

Module 5 – Strategy

  • Unit 1 Definitions
  • Unit 2 Level of analysis
  • Unit 3 PESTEL
  • Unit 4 Porter 5 Forces
  • Unit 5 Value chain
  • Unit 6 Resource Based view
  • Unit 7 Portfolio analysis
  • Unit 8 SWOT TOWS
  • Unit 9 Decision grid
  • Unit 10 The Balanced Scorecard

Dr. Laurent Scaringella
Associate Professor

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