Career -A look back at the 2021 Career Discovery Day at Rennes School of Business

A look back at the 2021 Career Discovery Day at Rennes School of Business

Students had the chance to meet the Career Centre team, participate in conferences and career-related activities and discover the new ‘Career Passport.’

As part of the launch of the new Career Centre at Rennes School of Business, 4500 students participated in this first edition of the Career Discovery Day!

The Rennes SB Career Centre aims to support students as they discover their potential and build their career plans according to their personal aspirations and singularity, to accompany them during their search for an internship, a work-study contract or a job and to help ensure their overall well-being during their time at the School and into their future careers.

On the agenda:

  • A presentation of the Career Centre and an opportunity for students to meet the team
  • A presentation of the different careers platforms used at Rennes SB, including MyJobGlasses, MyCVFactory, MyCareerPlatform by Jobteaser and HigherEd.
  • An explanation of the new ‘Career Passport’, a tool which has been designed to help students build their career plan
    step by step, based on key skills that will be assessed each year by a professional.
  • Activities and career workshops with the School’s professional partners and coaches such as ‘Peer to Peer, Find your Ikigai and Master of Networking’.
  • The «Career Discovery Day» challenge with top gifts for the winning students

An emphasis on student well-being, integral to constructing a rewarding career

Following a survey among the students at Rennes SB, 26% expressed a desire to access extra content and coaching sessions based on student well-being. In response to student demand, the Career Centre team has implemented the following measures to help boost student well-being:

  • 2 sessions of 2 conferences on well-being and health to popularise themes related to student well-being
  • 12 weekly workshops to anchor the practice in their daily lives and build sustainable habits and practices to help them in their future professional lives.

A new partnership with Petit Bambou

During the Career Discovery Day, students had the opportunity to win one of 200 subscriptions with access to all Petit Bambou content for a duration of 6 months. Petit Bambou is an app for mindfulness and meditation that helps people to live happier and healthier lives, full of compassion and self-care.
Stay tuned for more Career events at the School, starting with the first Corporate Day on 9 November 2021.