Career -The Alumni network: your career after Rennes School of Business

The Alumni network: your career after Rennes School of Business

Graduating from a Grande École gives you a competitive edge in the job market, but, more than supporting our students in obtaining their degree, the Rennes School of Business Alumni Association continues to accompany students after their studies and throughout their career.

The expertise you gain by graduating with your specialised degree from Rennes School of Business will give you an undeniable boost in your search for employment, but on top of that, the continued support, coaching and networking opportunities provided by the Rennes School of Business Alumni Association will have you on your way to your dream career before you know it!

The Alumni network means :

  • 26000+ Alumni in France and abroad
  • 100+ countries
  • 25% of Alumni based abroad
  • 50+ clubs around the globe
  • 100+ events and meet-ups per year

Our figures speak for themselves:

In the six months after graduation, the rate of employment for Rennes School of Business students is consistently high, even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For Bachelor students:

 For PGE students:

Professional development during your studies:

Career development is an important focus during students’ time at Rennes SB. The Career Centre & Well-being department is there to support students throughout their journey of professional development with a range of activities and events designed to prepare them to enter the job market directly after their studies if they should wish to do so. Their progress is recorded and followed in their Career Passport, a tool which has been designed to help students build their career plan, step by step, based on key skills that will be assessed each year by a professional.

Career support, even after you graduate:

The Alumni Association puts different measures in place to help you maximise your professional potential, even after you leave the School:

  • Individual support & coaching: a team of career experts and certified coaches are available to support you at every step of your professional career to help you make the right choices
  • Group workshops & career webinars: Rennes School of Business Alumni also offer many workshops throughout the year to boost your job search, steer your career, and initiate and develop your professional skills
  • Internship and job opportunities: as a member of the Alumni Association, you’ll have access to a host of career opportunities and exclusive alumni offers available to you on the dedicated platforms (Job Teaser, Rennes SB Alumni job board, Highered & Goinglobal)
  • Executive education offer: to continue your professional development throughout your career, discover the programmes that are available at Rennes School of Business’ through continued training, available both face-to-face and remotely, and benefit from a reduced price as a member of our Alumni.

Hear it from our Alumni:

The new podcast “Unframed Talking” by Rennes School of Business features talks with a range of inspiring men and women who attended the School. These exceptional members of our Alumni talk about the challenges, successes and lessons learned in their careers so far, and the instances in which they thought, or acted, “outside the frame.”

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