Career -Innostart: the 15 projects selected to be supported by the Rennes School of Business start-up incubator

Innostart: the 15 projects selected to be supported by the Rennes School of Business start-up incubator

Each year, a number of student and Alumni-led business creation projects are selected to be accompanied by the Innostart incubator, helping them move from ideation to the realisation of their entrepreneurial projects.

Shaping the world of tomorrow

In an increasingly connected world that is in constant and rapid transformation, creating a start-up is an attractive option for many. It takes a level of daring to take the leap and launch your own business, but with that risk comes the reward of building a company in line with your passions, convictions and vision.

True to the School’s motto of “Unframed Thinking”, different measures are in place to support the students and Alumni of Rennes School of Business with their business creation projects, whether they are still in the starting blocks and need help to concretize their business plan or need support as they put a well-developed plan into action.

Guiding students and graduates as they shape the world of tomorrow is one of the School’s core ambitions, and what better way to give our students the freedom and flexibility they need to have a positive impact than by providing them with the support they need as they design their own way of doing business?


Transforming ideas into viable business plans

Since 2014, Rennes SB has its own dedicated business incubator named ‘Innostart’. Both students and Alumni can apply to the incubator for support as they develop their entrepreneurial project. Progressively, and over the business incubation period, project leaders are guided as they develop the necessary skills to help them transform their initial idea into a viable business.

In order to provide a level of high-quality, dedicated support, only a select number of projects can be retained each year, enabling the Innostart team to fully engage with each project in a meaningful way.

In 2023, 118 projects were presented, with 20 pitched in front of a jury and 15 retained for incubation within Innostart.

Find below a list of the projects that were retained for accompaniment, and the names of the project leaders:

  • Lucas Lagarrigue : Cendito
  • Justine le Guillou : Babysit’ Evenement
  • Esteban Massue et Enzo Frin-marie: Breizh Agrimat
  • Mohamed Samy Mendjel: Ace Clutch
  • Sebastien Lehuédé : Nybble
  • Damien Grangiens : SIO
  • Thomas Bernad: Aerosolutions
  • Rosa Chea: Satietas
  • Michael Mitwari : Fluent’in
  • Pierre Mius: Spot
  • Pierre Lenoir : Vileko
  • Taha Ettouami (pas encore de nom de projet)
  • Rubens Martins & Jean Guilly : Lumeens
  • Alvaro Ruales : Mon campus
  • Paul Broussouloux, Thomas Genty et Valentin Thomas : Cobalte

To kick off the incubation period of these projects, a series of workshops took place throughout the month of March:

  • 8 March 2023: Juliette Jego’s testimony, creator of JABI
  • 10 March 2023: Financing workshops (how to obtain public funding)
  • 17 March 2023: JEIM workshop (Young innovative company with a mission) with Thierry Bossée Pilon
  • 29 March 2023: Female entrepreneurship in Paris

These projects will continue to be accompanied by Sofia Sarih, startup manager, and Valentin Henry, Head of Entrepreneurship at Rennes School of Business, as they grow and develop, with more workshops, mentoring sessions and conferences to come!

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