Career -Meet the winners of the 2021 Rennes School of Business Pum’Awards

Meet the winners of the 2021 Rennes School of Business Pum’Awards

On Tuesday 15 March 2022, the five winners of the Rennes School of Business Pum’Awards entrepreneurship competition were named during a ceremony on the Paris campus.

What are the Rennes School of Business Pum’Awards?

The Pum’Awards were launched by the Rennes School of Business Alumni Association to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among students and Alumni.

For the first time, this year the competition was separated into two categories: Entrepreneurship and Non-Profit Associations, with 3 winners designated among the entrepreneurial contestants and 2 associations selected by the judges. Each of the winners received a prize of 2000 euros to continue the development of their project.

Among the tough competition of the final projects, five were selected by the judges during the finals of the 2021 Entrepreneurship Awards:

In the entrepreneurship category:


Founded by Thomas Liney (PGE P27) and Aina Sagala, Vegen is a company aimed at developing innovative and sustainable materials based on plant-based leather alternatives.

Kick the pro

Launched by Elise Charles (PGE P26) and Kiliann Pollefoort (PGE P26), Kick the pro is a platform for connecting professional and amateur golfers.


An initiative conceived by Juliette Jego (PGE P27) and Briac Perrin, Jabi is a ludo-therapeutic solution that promotes independence for senior citizens through cognitive stimulation.

In the association category:


Lucie Gallou Cardinal (PGE P20), Nicolas Monnot & Tristan Gaillard founded Pakadur, an association that aims to set up returnable packaging systems to replace single-use packaging, raising awareness of environmental protection, in particular by reducing waste, and promoting circular and local economy.

Leo pour le Monde

Founded by Thibaut Cucherousset, Anaëlle Lombard and Marie Duffort (PGE P26) in memory of Leo, Leo pour le Monde is a humanitarian association whose purpose is to develop educational structures, and access to education, among vulnerable populations around the world.

Gwenaëlle Gerard, a member of Rennes SB Alumni (P12), and who has launched two of her own successful companies, including ResponSable a consulting agency focused on sustainable development and social responsibility, intervened during the evening to give some advice to the winners.

Watch the highlights of the evening here:

Congratulations to the winners, and all of the finalists! Stay Unframed!

The next edition of the Pum’Awards will take place at the end of the year, stay tuned!