Career -Plato 35: a partnership to foster entrepreneurial vision

Plato 35: a partnership to foster entrepreneurial vision

Rennes School of Business is a partner of Plato 35, a local, regional network that facilitates exchange, learning and progress between business leaders from small to large groups.

What is Plato 35?

Rennes School of Business is a partner of Plato 35, a local network of business leaders, particularly from very small enterprises (VSE) and small and medium enterprises (SME), that is sponsored by executives from large groups. Plato 35’s objective is to stimulate the growth of companies by facilitating the exchange of experience and skills between peers, while creating a synergy between the various economic players in the same territory. allowing them to come together, exchange and learn from one another as they pursue their entrepreneurial journeys.

Executive Education at Rennes School of Business

Rennes School of Business is committed to creating quality, mutually beneficial partnerships with major players.

For over 20 years, the School’s Executive Education department has been guiding and advising French and international managers and executives. It encourages people to think outside the box through continuous training that is based on topical issues facing companies today.

This partnership aims to strengthen the support systems in place for participants of the School’s Executive Education programmes, many of whom are business leaders themselves. Our participants thus get the opportunity to exchange with other entrepreneurs from outside their cohort, allowing them to gain first-hand feedback from a range of different sectors and industries.

Executive Education participants, in turn, are able to bring their own practical experience and theoretical expertise for the benefit of their peers.

This partnership is therefore perfectly in line with the development of the School’s programme portfolio. Demonstrating the importance of working with others, supporting companies during their growth and developing the business skills of programme participants will all be key elements of this partnership.

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