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Career -Sup’Rennes Garden: a Startup from Rennes SB’s Incubator

Sup’Rennes Garden: a Startup from Rennes SB’s Incubator

Sup’Rennes Garden aims to offer international child care to families in Rennes.

A nanny who teaches English, Spanish or Italian to your kids? It is now possible in Rennes, thanks to the startup Sup’Rennes Garden.


Born from Rennes School of Business’s incubator Innostart, this startup was launched by three students: Ahmed Riad MOSTEFA, Jordy LUKANU and Loïc PINTENO. The incubator provided students with strategic advisory services and offered them an office.

Our role is to offer baby-sitting services in different languages to families


It allows students from our school to be involved in children’s education from our region while having a small job besides class. Our role is to offer baby-sitting services in different languages to families. We also provide primary schools with extracurricular activities in different languages.” says the team.


So how does it work, exactly? The family can contact Sup’Rennes Garden directly on their Facebook page to inform the team about their baby-sitting needs. The Sup’Rennes Garden students then share an ad on the international student’s Facebook group. Interested students can apply by sending a CV and a note to explain their motivation in working with children. After that, 3 or 4 students are selected for an interview with Sup’Rennes Garden.


sup'rennes garden in St gregoire


They also add that the international environment and the large number of foreign students (53% of all students) at Rennes School of Business will strengthen the relevancy of the exchanges. “We work with foreign students who are at ease with being in contact with children for babysitting sessions and/or want to share a memorable experience by taking care of extracurricular activities.”


Sup’Rennes Garden has been organizing extracurricular activities in Paul-Emile Victor primary school in Saint-Grégoire since September 2017. “Our extracurricular activities in foreign languages have already started and they are a success!”