Career -Unframed Talking: Barbara Bretecher, co-founder of the Digital & Marketing agency Inwin Rennes

Unframed Talking: Barbara Bretecher, co-founder of the Digital & Marketing agency Inwin Rennes

In order to celebrate its 30th anniversary, the teams at Rennes School of Business have gone looking for some of the most ‘Unframed’ Alumni profiles to share in its new dedicated podcast series.

The new podcast “Unframed Talking” by Rennes School of Business features talks with a range of inspiring men and women who attended the School. These exceptional members of our Alumni talk about the challenges, successes and lessons learned in their careers so far, and the instances in which they thought, or acted, “outside the frame.”

Barbara Bretecher is co-founder of the marketing and digital agency, Inwin Rennes. A graduate of the Bachelor in Management programme, Barbara was part of the first BiM cohort at Rennes School of Business. The programme and her time at the school quickly inspired her to start her own business and create her own company and a few years later… INWIN RENNES was born. She completed her third-year international exchange in Manila in the Philippines, an experience which remains a significant memory from her career: she particularly remembers her first moments on a huge campus and in a totally unfamiliar city!

She remembers her years at Rennes School of Business, the late nights at the school to finish her projects, welcoming international students to the School for a semester and some of her teachers, particularly Juliette Armand, who was a great support to her during her time at the School.

For Barbara, “when we innovate, we must not be afraid of the unknown, we must not be afraid of being a pioneer and visionary. I think this stems from Unframed Thinking

Hear her story on our Unframed Talking podcast.