Career -Words From an Alumni: Nicolas, MSc Graduate

Words From an Alumni: Nicolas, MSc Graduate

Nicolas Norga is a Belgian Alumni. After completing an MSc in Business Negotiation, he found an internship in Rennes. He is now working for a major food retailer in Belgium.

At this moment I manage over 50 people in a point of sales

Nicolas Norga is a former student from Rennes School of Business. He’s coming from the Flemish part of Belgium. Let’s hear about his career path, after finishing his study in 2014.

Hi Nicolas, what did you study at Rennes School of Business?

I was studying International Business Negotiation.

Where did you complete your Masters’ internship and what are you doing now?

I found an internship at Ubiflow, an IT company based in Rennes. Together with my studies, this internship gave me all the opportunities I needed to find a good job and to be successful professionally.

Ahold Delhaize headquarters in Zaandam, Netherlands

After my internship, I started a management traineeship at Ahold Delhaize, one of the biggest food retailers worldwide employing over 350 000 people. At this moment I manage over 50 people in a point of sales. I am very thankful for my education at Rennes SB, since without it, I wouldn’t have found my current job. To me RSB was not only an education, it was a life-enriching experience I will never forget.

Was it hard to find an internship in France?

Well, I found my internship with the help of the Career Service at RSB. In the beginning, it proved to be very challenging. I had to work hard and I had to apply many times since the competition was heavy. Thanks to the Career Service I got in touch with Ubiflow. My internship there provided me with all the opportunities to strengthen my French skills, as well as my sales skills in a complex working environment.

Ubiflow headquarters in Rennes – Co-working space

What did you like about working in France?

I liked working in France because it gave me the opportunity to experience the French working culture and language since I myself am a Flemish Belgian. Having the opportunity to work in French was the biggest reason why I chose to work in a French company. Speaking French fluently is a big advantage professionally in Belgium, as well as in Europe and throughout the world.

Any advice for our international students?

My advice to International students is to start with a strong one page CV and an attractive LinkedIn profile. Work hard to find an internship in an industry and company that suits your personal profile and interest. Do not only apply for big companies. You can gain a lot of working experience in smaller companies as well, since they often give you more responsibilities and opportunities.

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