Programmes -5 reasons to choose the Bachelor in Management (BiM) at Rennes School of Business

5 reasons to choose the Bachelor in Management (BiM) at Rennes School of Business

Noémie Desprez, the Bachelor in Management Programme Manager at Rennes SB, gives you the top 5 reasons to come and study at the School!

The Bachelor in Management (BiM) Programme at Rennes School of Business is a 3-year programme for students to learn the fundamentals of management in a diverse and multicultural environment before going on to specialise in a particular subject or domain as they finetune their professional project and prepare to continue their studies to a master’s level or to enter the job market directly.
Reputed on a national and international scale, the Bachelor in Management has undergone a recent spate of accreditations and excellent recognition in national rankings.

Why should you join the Bachelor in Management at Rennes School of Business?

Noémie Desprez, BiM Programme Manager, gives us the Top 5 reasons why you should do your bachelor’s at the School:

1. Join a programme with an excellent academic reputation

  • A highly ranked programme:

    the 3-year programme was recently awarded the ‘Grade du Licence’ by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI), was ranked in the second position of the Parisien Étudiant 2022 Bachelor in Management ranking and in third place of the l’Étudiant Bachelor in Management ranking, particularly standing out for the professional integration of its students.

  • Master the fundamentals of management in three years:

    the Rennes SB Bachelor in Management has a thorough and well-rounded curriculum that enables students to master the fundamentals of management in an open-minded and international environment.

  • Learn by Doing:

    practical teaching methods are employed for students to “learn by doing” through real-life company case studies and the development of their own business plans. Students complete at least 8 months of internship, allowing them to discover the daily reality of the workplace and develop their skills on the ground in companies.

  • Learn about CSR and project management:

    the Reciprocity project is a CSR-based module during which students learn about project management and are able to put their theoretical knowledge into practice whilst contributing to a meaningful and worthwhile humanitarian cause.

  • Develop a professional specialisation:

    with management fundamentals under their belts, students specialise progressively in a specific domain, whether it be in finance, marketing, supply chain, digital engineering in partnership with ISEN or any of a diverse choice of subjects.

2. Get to learn on a truly international campus

3. Benefit from personalised support throughout the programme

  • Academic, professional and personal support:

    students are accompanied by dedicated teams throughout their studies to help them with their academic performance, professional aspirations and well-being.

  • Lay the foundations of your future career:

    the Career Centre and Well-being department is there to help students define and develop their professional project, work on both hard and soft skills, nail their interview technique and finetune their job search strategies through a series of group workshops and individual coaching sessions.

  • Your well-being is a priority:

    the Rennes SB Feel Good initiative is centred around ensuring the physical and mental well-being of our students as they navigate through the maze of student life. A range of workshops and conferences are available throughout the year on diverse subjects linked to student well-being.

  • One-stop for all your questions:

    Aloha Square acts as a one-stop-shop for students to find answers to all of their questions, and to be put in contact with the appropriate team or person to help them, whatever the issue!

  • Hear it from our Alumni:

    Anushka Iyer, a member of the International Alumni of the bachelor programme, was able to launch her company Wiggles during the bachelor programme with the support of staff and professors at the School.

  • A programme that can be adapted to your academic level:

    It is possible to join the Bachelor in Management at various points throughout the programme. Many students decide to start in the first year, but it is possible to integrate the programme in the second or third year through transfer credit from other academic institutions.

  • Get a bachelor’s in 3 years:

    certified ‘Grade du License’ by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI), students are able to graduate with their bachelor’s degree in just 3 years.

  • Ready to join the job market or to continue with a master’s degree:

    at the end of the programme, graduates have the theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary to join the job market straight away or can choose to continue their studies to a master’s level with a specialised master’s programme at Rennes SB, or at another school or university.

Some former students talk about their choice of specialisation during the Bachelor in Management

5. The chance to study in the city of Rennes

  • Study in the dynamic regional capital of Brittany:

    the city of Rennes is a perfect size: neither too big nor too small. You’ll have the chance to get to know lots of other students, who make up around 19% of the city’s total population. Here are 4 reasons why you should absolutely come to Rennes for your studies.

  • Quality of life:

    Rennes consistently ranks highly among the best cities to study in both France and Europe.

  • Capital connection:

    With Paris just 1h25 minutes away by high-speed train, students have all the benefits of proximity to the French capital, whilst getting to make the most of the excellent quality of life for which Brittany is renowned.

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