Programmes -A look back at the 2022 Design Sprint in partnership with Le Duff and Del Arte Groups

A look back at the 2022 Design Sprint in partnership with Le Duff and Del Arte Groups

489 students from the first year of the Programme Grande École took part in this 7th edition of the Rennes SB Design Sprint from 31 August – 2 September 2022, with the aim of finding a response to a business problem put forward by Del Arte.

Finding solutions to a real-life business case

As a new year of first-year students arrives to join the Programme Grande École – Master in Management, the Rennes School of Business Design Sprint provides an opportunity for students to get to know one another and the School whilst having their first taste of working together to find a solution to a real-life business case.

The 489 students were divided into 72 teams, each tasked with coming up with a solution to the following challenge: “help Del Arte restaurants strengthen their relationship with 18–25-year-olds so that they become regular consumers of the brand.”

Imagining physical or digital solutions

In order to do so, the PGE1 students had to imagine physical or digital services that would complement those already offered by the brand and that could take place before, during or after the clients eat in the restaurant.

In the presence of Mr Louis Le Duff, founding chairman of the Le Duff Group, Mr Jacques Delanoë, member of the Executive Board of Rennes School of Business and chairman of the Board of Directors of the Stade Rennais, and Mr Thomas Froehlicher, managing director of Rennes SB, the teams prototyped their intentions and defended their project in front of a jury made up of 7 members. 8 projects were selected in the finals, and 2 were awarded prizes according to the following criteria:

  1. The extent of the issue
    Did the team identify a problem or client need that was sufficiently present and recurrent?
  2. Relevance of the proposed solution
    Does the solution solve the problem and is it easy to implement?
  3. Customer experience
    Is the use of this solution simple to integrate into the client context?
  4. Demonstration video
    Is the video original and well filmed? Does it bring added value to the oral presentation?

The jury selected a project called “Ciné Del Arte” as the winning project. The project pitch was as follows:

A cinema in a restaurant would be nice. Vote on Monday for your favourite film, check the results on Tuesday and book your session. On Wednesday, the film will be shown at 9pm with your favourite food!

Meanwhile, the public vote went to “Too Del Arte”, after the following pitch:

Students have nothing in their fridges, and no money. The project? The creation of an application that allows them to buy the unsold products of Del Arte (finished products and raw materials)

As a prize, each member of the winning team can eat a free pizza at Del Arte every day for one whole year!

For Elodie Huré, former Programme Director of the Programme Grande École:  “The Design Sprint is one of the highlights of the PGE1 school year. This event allows us to send several strong signals to our students: the place of the company in their career path thanks to the event’s partner who comes to present them with a problem to solve; the state of mind that emanates from design thinking with a user-centred approach and a method that should enable them to be oriented towards problem-solving; the desire to innovate and undertake in a collective spirit; and finally, work and commitment because this “Sprint” is aptly named: they have 2 and a half days to understand the customer’s need and prototype a solution!

As for the partners of this event, Louis Le Duff, Present and founder of Group Le Duff stated that: “Digital, mobility, accessibility, product offer… many subjects were tackled during this design sprint with a lot of rigour and creativity on the part of the students. Permanent innovation and agility are the keys to success. I wanted to remind them of this, especially for students who wish to pursue entrepreneurship. We are nothing without our teams and without the transmission of knowledge. Success comes from effort, with a passionate team!

Philippe Jean, Managing Director of Del Arte, welcomed the project. “The design sprint is a very enriching experience, where students are invited to put forward operational solutions, quickly and objectively. We are going to continue these exchanges initiated with them in our continuous innovation process. This is perfectly in line with our Del Arte brand and the upcoming launch of our new restaurant concept at the end of 2022.

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