Programmes -A look back over the first semester of the new Rennes SB Business Gamification module

A look back over the first semester of the new Rennes SB Business Gamification module

The module is the first of its kind in France.

In September 2020, Rennes School of Business launched its specialisation in “Business Gamification” and “the management of innovative projects in mixed reality” in partnership with Artefacto. The specialisation has been licensed by UBISOFT, one of the world leaders in the video game industry.

Both French and international students are able to apply to this unique specialisation, which is delivered in a blended learning format over two semesters.

The first part of the module includes two 40-hour modules: The Rational Approach to Game Design in which participants learn about game design and how innovative mechanics are created, and Rational Approach to Level Design, in which students learn how to create an entertaining gaming experience that is varied with consistent player motivation and a good flow. Both sections are created by Ubisoft and deployed by Knowledge One.

An additional 30-hour module, created by Artefacto, is based on project management in mixed-reality with a basis in theoretical courses and workshops. Students will be able to apply the knowledge obtained in the first two modules in order to present their ideas for implementing an immersive project while meeting a business need.

Nicolas Caro-Tourneux, a student currently completing the module, tells us a bit more about his experience of the course during the first semester: “The Business Gamification Certificate allowed me so far, through an innovative and playful learning process, to create innovative and fun video games. With this certificate, you won’t have a recipe on how to make a game, but rather you will have key ideas and ways to exploit your full creative potential while learning common vocabulary to be able to work in the industry. Self-management, team-organisation and tight schedule management are all required, as it will require +40h of work while attending your other classes. 
My final piece of advice is that if you simply enjoy video games, and would like to work in this industry, it is a dream certificate for you, from traditional video game design to XR video games design.