Programmes -The Bachelor in Management in 2nd place of the 2021 Speak & Act ranking

The Bachelor in Management in 2nd place of the 2021 Speak & Act ranking

A Speak & Act ranking of the bachelor programmes in business schools where students most enjoy their studies

The Bachelor in Management at Rennes School of Business has been recognised in 2nd place of the recent Speak & Act 2021 ranking of business schools where students most enjoy their studies, allowing the programme to obtain the label of “Best School Experience – Happiness Barometer.”

In order to help students to identify schools and employers with a great environment, thus increasing the quality of student life, Speak & Act created its “Best School Experience – Happiness Barometer” in order to allow students to give real feedback on their experience. The information collected is then used to create the Speak & Act ranking of the Best School Experience.

This ranking is directly based on the responses from students in all programmes, which are collected during an anonymous survey. In order to qualify for the “Best School Experience” label, at least 25% of students must respond the survey in order to collect a wide range of impartial data.

The Bachelor in Management at Rennes School of Business is a 3-year Bachelor degree that provides a solid academic and practical foundation in business management and operations, whilst preparing them to enter the job market or to pursue their studies at a master’s level, in France or overseas. The programme has a strong international orientation with students able to choose between studying in a mixture of French and English or to select the 100% English track from the first year of study.

Adding an extra international dimension to the programme, all students will complete an international exchange in one of the programme’s 105 partner universities in 48 countries around the world. Students can choose to complete one or two semesters abroad or to spend a year in one of six partner universities in order to obtain a double degree.

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