Programmes -Design Sprint 2017: 520 students, 3 days, 1 challenge, 65 solutions

Design Sprint 2017: 520 students, 3 days, 1 challenge, 65 solutions

A 3-day challenge to imagine tomorrow’s ultimate banking service

The induction week is a key period for first-year students. It is the time during which they discover their school and tend to make new friends.

At Rennes School of Business, we decided to spice things up by adding a big challenge and non-stop teamwork to our PGE first-year students’ take off week. With the help of two Experience Strategists, Rémi Rivas and Mathias Abramovicz, we organized a design sprint for Cohort 28.


Be ready to experience the most intense days of your first year

3 days to imagine tomorrow’s ultimate banking service

The aim of this Take Off design sprint? To come up, in 72 hours, with an innovative online-banking solution for our partner company: Arkéa, major player in the French banking and insurance sector. A mobile app, a digital service or a phygital solution? Students were given “carte blanche” to build their project.

Dominique Andro

Dominique Andro, General Director at Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and Rémis Rivas & Mathias Abramovicz, from Ignited Kingdom, explaining Arkéa’s vision to students

Synergy and creativity: two essential ingredients for a successful design sprint

Students were working in teams of 7 or 8. A great way to bond with fellow students you are meeting for the first time! According to last year’s participants, being part of this intense design sprint creates strong friendships.

Design thinking: imagining a service from A to Z

Every day, Rémi and Mathias, supported by 22 coordinators have guided the teams. Step by step, students experienced the whole design processes like generating stories & problems, debriefing, creative research, defining the key concept, creating a video to explain it and finally pitching their work in front of a jury.

A jury of professionals and professors

The jury consisted of 24 people from Arkéa and Rennes School of Business. They evaluated the teams according to different criteria: general idea, response to the initial problem, creativity of the video, pitch etc.


65 teams… and one winner!

According to the organization staff, all of the teams did a great job during these 3 challenging days: so much creativity and many interesting ideas! During the last gathering in the Auditorium, the Innovation Award was granted to team 18 for their project “Howi”. Congratulations!