Programmes -Look at the world differently with the new MSc in Geopolitics & Business at Rennes School of Business

Look at the world differently with the new MSc in Geopolitics & Business at Rennes School of Business

From September 2021, Rennes School of Business will launch its new Master of Science in Geopolitics & Business, in partnership with Risk & Ops and the Summit of Minds.

Culture as an instrument for action

The new MSc in Geopolitics and Business at Rennes School of Business focuses on learning the fundamentals of management through the use of a geopolitical approach in order to obtain the key to an in-depth understanding of international affairs. Students now have the option of continuing their geopolitical studies to a master’s level through highly operational training with a focus on two pillars: strategic watch and influence.

The programme is focused on the three defining characteristics of the future:

  • The rebirth of identities
  • The digitalisation of society on a global scale
  • The return to nature as a source of inspiration and regeneration

100% taught in English, the diversity of the programme will enable students to learn about cultural identity first-hand during class as they work together to carry out in-depth research projects, combining culture and business.

5 reasons to join this programme :

  • The detailed study of cartography allows students to address issues of geopolitics from a grounded and realistic perspective
  • Graduates are prepared for a profession with high added value
  • Students learn through a blend of concentrated, independent study and in collaboration with their peers during collective projects
  • Designed to train future leaders that are capable of anticipating risks and seizing new business opportunities
  • Encourages student entrepreneurship through close links with the School’s professional network and the ‘Innostart’ business incubator

Dr Thomas FLICHY de La NEUVILLE, Rennes School of BusinessIn a context that is marked by systemic upheavals and the rebirth of both cultural and political identities, this programme aims to train future leaders that are capable of anticipating the risks of the future and, above all, of seizing new business opportunities. The programme directly incorporates the expertise of general officers, geopolitical specialists and investors and is sponsored by the companies Risk & Ops and the Summit of Minds.

Dr Thomas Flichy de la Neuville, Holder of the Chair of Geopolitics

The Chair of Geopolitics at Rennes School of Business was created in November 2019. It aims to use culture as an instrument for action, using hybrid training methods and employing expertise for economic action.

Since September 2020, a specialised geopolitical track has been available to students in the Programme Grande Ecole. Available in the 1st and 2nd year of the Programme Grande Ecole, the fundamentals of management are intertwined with aspects of geopolitics in subjects such as geopolitical management, the humanities, arts and culture.

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