Programmes -March Module Madness: 3 new pop-up modules available for the Programme Grande École

March Module Madness: 3 new pop-up modules available for the Programme Grande École

The School’s new unframed, multilingual pop-up modules are now open to students in the Programme Grande École. Sign up now!

What are pop-up modules?

Rennes School of Business encourages its students to remain open-minded and curious about diverse topics in the business world.

As part of its “March Module Madness” initiative, the School will be hosting a range of new, unframed “pop-up modules,” a set of short, multilingual and innovative sessions presented by specialised speakers on different current and important topics. By participating in the modules, students will gain an initial understanding of these different issues, possibly even sparking a new interest that might impact their long-term career goals.

Students can choose between the following subjects:


Environmental and Energy Economics (in English & Spanish)

March 24th & 31st 15h-19h 

This module will cover the topic of energy demand and supply focusing on recent global trends in energy markets. The speaker will analyse the impact of energy consumption on the environment and investigate specific energy policies and regulations. This module will take place in a mixture of English and Spanish but can easily be understood by any English speaker that doesn’t speak Spanish.

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Diversity Management & Inclusion (in English & German)

March 24th & 31st 15h-19h 

This module addresses the importance of Diversity Management within any organisation and deals with Gender Mainstreaming and Inclusion, along with strategies for their implementation. This module will take place in a mixture of English and German but can easily be understood by any English speaker that doesn’t speak German.

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Developing your career through writing and storytelling (in French)

March 31st & April 2nd 15h-19h 

Today, these skills have become essential for taking control of your career, landing you great job opportunities and standing out from other business school students. How can you learn to convince others through writing (whatever your job)? This event will take place in French.

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