Programmes -What’s new in the International Bachelor Programme in Management?

What’s new in the International Bachelor Programme in Management?

Are you creative and curious? Attracted to the international world and looking for a solid base for your future studies? If so, the Bachelor programme at Rennes SB is for you!

The International Bachelor’s Programme in Management at Rennes SB will help you discover your passions and how to excel in your professional life.

This course, which is certified by the French government and ranked among the best in France, is the first step on the path to your future. You will have an international experience with an internship every year and the choice of five specialisations.

The first year of the Bachelor programme, “Learning by experimenting”:

In your first year, you will discover the fundamentals of management through projects that you will be able to apply hands-on during practical cases. More than just learning in class, you will learn by understanding how innovative projects are managed in different companies. By participating in the “Puma’dventure” project, you will understand the various stakeholders in a company, and the different relationships that arise in business. You are able to learn both in and outside of class through associative and sports-based projects and will find yourself in an international environment, supported by a multicultural faculty with classes that are either partly or 100% in English. It’s up to you!

Learning by experimenting” is the first step of the Bachelor in Management. The knowledge you acquire will be reinforced during your first internship.

The second year of the Bachelor programme, “Reciprocity”:

After a year dedicated to the fundamentals of management, you will begin to prepare your choice of specialisation with the possibility of adding different options to explore subjects that interest you. You will begin working alongside regional and national associations and will have the opportunity to observe the impact of your projects in the service of a humanitarian cause. At the end of your second year you will complete an 8-week internship that will help you confirm your upcoming choice of specialisation.

Your specialisation in classic or work-study format

You will get the chance to be hosted abroad by one of our 120 partner universities, allowing you to discover different ways of working in other countries and cultures. During your final year, you will select your specialisation, choosing between “Global Management”, “Digital Marketing and Business”, “Finance”, “Sustainable Management” or a work-study programme.

The 16-week internship linked to your specialisation will be your first long-term mission in a company and a great transition to your future career!

Three years from the day you arrive, you will be ready to continue your studies to a master’s level, or to enter the world of work.

Rennes School of Business is committed to you and guarantees the possibility to continue your studies with one of its specialised master’s programmes for a course chosen by you and built with you.