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Programmes -The Diversity Fresco: talking inclusion and diversity in business at Rennes School of Business

The Diversity Fresco: talking inclusion and diversity in business at Rennes School of Business

A Corporate Social Responsibility workshop for students in the second year of the Bachelor in Management at Rennes School of Business took place at the beginning of the school year, encouraging them to work together to explore inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Teamwork, collective intelligence and creativity

To kick off the new academic year on the 12 September 2022, the second-year students of the Bachelor in Management at Rennes School of Business participated in the Diversity Fresco, an event focused on raising and discussing issues of discrimination and inclusion within organisations, based on a model constructed by Belugames and ESSEC.

An equitable and inclusive mindset in students

The students were split into groups in which they dissected and considered issues of discrimination and inequality in the workplace, along with short and longer-term solutions to these problems. The Diversity Fresco workshop model is based on a set of concept cards, which are used as a basis for discussion and debate, and for which the group must collectively create a logical process.

The cards are distributed successively in batches, each introduced by a mini-game, allowing the participants to familiarise themselves with the notions addressed in the cards to be discovered, with each stage of the workshop debriefed and guided by a facilitator.

In this way, the Diversity Fresco enables students to experience two of the School’s main values: openness and humility, with the common goal of creating a positive social impact both within and outside our campus.  

Creating innovative and responsible managers

This workshop comes at a key moment in the education of our Bachelor’s students: the second year of the programme is designed as a year of openness to the world in all its cultural, social and economic diversity. This back-to-school event is a launching pad for the Reciprocity project, a project-based learning experience in the context of a humanitarian or non-profit organisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development are at the heart of Rennes School of Business’ priorities as the School seeks to prepare its students to become innovative and responsible managers in a global environment. A key element of the 3-year Bachelor in Management is training students to understand the managerial challenges associated with responsible and sustainable development. This bachelor’s degree in management is designed to enable students to develop knowledge in management subjects and acquire soft skills, teamwork and interpersonal and linguistic skills by working on practical group projects and business plans.

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