Programmes -A look back at the Ignition Days 2022 with Ignited Kingdom

A look back at the Ignition Days 2022 with Ignited Kingdom

Led by the Ignited Kingdom team, our PGE2 AST2 students were asked to put forward an innovative business project based on the theme “innovation is not about ideas but is about solving problems.”

Working together to construct a viable business plan

At the beginning of the 2022/2023 academic year, a group of students from PGE2 AST2 spent two days working together to construct, develop and pitch a viable start-up business plan.

The event took place from the 6-9 September 2022 in collaboration with Ignited Kingdom, a Strategic Innovation consulting firm based in Paris and was launched with a presentation from Elodie Huré and Svetlana Serdyukov, the new director of the Programme Grande École (Master in Management).

Throughout the Ignition Days challenge, Ignited Kingdom was able to accompany and advise the students with the development of their business plans and 8 facilitators were present to accompany the groups during the task.

The students were divided into 24 teams to work on the project, with seven teams selected at the end of the two-day event to pitch their projects in front of a panel.

Two projects particularly stood out from the rest, one of which was selected by the jury, and another which was chosen by a vote among the participants.

The public vote went to a project called ‘Washup’ an economical collection and delivery laundry service aimed at students while the jury selected the ‘Walknight’ project, an app which allows students to locate an approved companion with whom to share the journey home, a certified and safe companion to walk home with at night.

The Ignition Days aim to kick-start the student’s creativity and collaborative, cross-cultural working skills, whilst working to produce a convincing and innovative project according to strict time constraints.

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Encouraging entrepreneurship at Rennes SB

Encouraging innovation and supporting students as they launch and lead entrepreneurial projects is one of Rennes School of Business’ strategic commitments. At our school, every student can fulfil their ambitions and enjoy a multidimensional, personalised experience as they explore their creative potential and develop their entrepreneurial strengths.

To help us identify and support our students’ entrepreneurial ambitions, we have developed specially adapted educational resources that foster innovation as part of a wider scheme focused on entrepreneurship:

  • The Innostart incubator, founded in 2014 is dedicated to supporting students as they launch their businesses, from the ideation to implementation stages.
  • A joint INSA Rennes / Rennes School of Business Master of Science in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MSc IE) allows students to benefit from the expertise of both institutions to prepare them for a career as an entrepreneur.

Learn more about Innostart