Programmes -Rennes SB and Artefacto create a specialisation in “Business Gamification” with the support of Ubisoft

Rennes SB and Artefacto create a specialisation in “Business Gamification” with the support of Ubisoft

Rennes SB and Artefacto have signed an agreement which will allow students to complete a specialisation in “Business Gamification”, under the UBISOFT license.

Rennes School of Business and ARTEFACTO will be the first in France to offer this specialisation with Ubisoft. On this occasion, Olivier Palmieri, director of the Ubisoft XR workshop and creator of the Game Creators’Odyssey online modules, will speak at the opening of this first class.

From the start of the next school year, Rennes SB is expanding its programmes by offering a unique specialisation, structured over two semesters. French and international students from different programmes will be able to apply to follow this exclusive module. The MSc Sports and Tourism Management is particularly concerned due to the development of e-sport and gamification in the leisure sectors.

Rennes SB will ensure compliance with academic rules, the provision of educational space and resources, as well as the issuance of a certificate in Enterprise Gamification.

A blended learning format

The first part, in two acts of 40 hours each, created by Ubisoft and deployed by Knowledge One in the form of two online modules in a fun format, “The Game Creators’Odyssey” will allow students to acquire knowledge about the mechanisms and good practices of game design. Artefacto will supervise and manage the follow-up of these modules.

The programme is divided into two acts. The first act, Rational Approach to Game Design, explores the ways in which games are designed, including player skills, game mechanics, atomic parameters, as well as signs and their feedback. The main objective is to make students understand how innovative mechanics are created, by analyzing and rationalizing different play structures. The second act, Level Design’s Rational Approach, presents various methods for creating immersive universes and offering players entertaining gaming experiences. The main goal is to help students understand how to create games that provide diversity, constant player motivation and good flow. Many design practices and prototyping activities will help achieve this goal. ” (extract from the site

Artefacto, which specialises in virtual and augmented reality, will provide in part 2 an additional 30-hour module on the management of mixed reality projects, consisting of theoretical courses and workshops. Among other things, students will have to reinvest the knowledge acquired in part 1 and present their ideas for implementing an immersive project by meeting a business need. Artefacto’s goal is clear: to train future business managers so that they become experts in the design and conduct of innovative digital projects.

A partnership geared towards innovation and excellence

We are proud of this partnership which further strengthens the School’s digital offer and our place in the creative economy. In addition, this link with Artefacto, and Ubisoft, founded in Brittany and which has today become one of the world leaders in the creation, publishing and distribution of video games and interactive services, shows our attachment to creating offers with innovative companies in many areas of excellence. ” Thomas Froehlicher, Director General and Dean of Rennes School of Business

Valérie Cottereau, founder and President of Artefacto completes: “This partnership with two fine houses like Rennes SB and Ubisoft opens for Artefacto a new page in its development with the implementation of excellent training! This is the opportunity to train project managers who will be able within companies to support digital transformation using tools that have largely proven themselves. Many thanks to the UE35, which was able to act as a matchmaker for Artefacto and Ubisoft during our last trip to Montreal in October 2019!

This initial training offer could also soon expand the offer of Executive Education at Rennes School of Business.