School -Staff Week 2023: 26 professionals from 20 countries came to exchange and share ideas at Rennes School of Business

Staff Week 2023: 26 professionals from 20 countries came to exchange and share ideas at Rennes School of Business

In June 2023, Rennes School of Business organised its second international Staff Week. The aim was to strengthen links between universities and discuss common issues.

Dedicated to international encounters, the Rennes School of Business Staff Week helps to strengthen links and build new partnerships between universities, offering Rennes SB students a wide range of opportunities to study abroad and discover other cultures and ways of thinking.

Over the course of five days, representatives from universities all over the world were welcomed by the Rennes SB international mobility team and discussed a range of topics:

  • Assisting students in their choice of courses and how to integrate them and prepare them for culture shock;
  • Workshops on exchanges that are shorter than a typical semester (stays of a few weeks or a few days, etc.);
  • Presentation of the school’s international assets and programmes (winter sessions, summer programmes, partnerships);
  • Geopolitical presentations: “Oceanic merchant republics face the new Mongol empire”, “What are the political consequences of digitalisation?”, “The end of neutral countries in Europe”, etc.

Discovering Brittany and France

The week also provided an opportunity to discover France through an introductory session on French language and culture, as well as the culture of each of the participants, notably through a morning of tasting culinary specialities from different countries.

In addition to the discussion and sharing sessions, the representatives were able to discover Breton culture through visits to the town of Saint-Malo, Mont-Saint-Michel and the city of Rennes. On the evening of 21 June, they were able to enjoy the Fête de la musique, an essential part of French culture.

This event perfectly sums up the unique international identity of Rennes School of Business and the actions it develops for its students, partners and alumni throughout the year. The 100 nationalities present on its Rennes campus are an excellent example of this.

“The Rennes School of Business Staff Week provided an exceptional platform for us to learn from one another”, Diego Alexandre, Chief of Staff and International Relations for Grupo Educacional UNIS, Brazil.

“I am thrilled to have had the honour of representing South America and the International Relations Department at our esteemed Grupo Educacional UNIS during Rennes School of Business International Staff Week in France. It was an incredible experience engaging with 26 talented professionals from 20 different countries.

Over the course of the week, we delved deep into captivating discussions surrounding geopolitics, multiculturalism, and the beauty of diversity. The exchange of ideas and perspectives was truly eye-opening, and it reinforced the value of international collaboration and understanding.

The importance of such exchanges cannot be overstated. In a rapidly changing world, where global challenges demand global solutions, fostering international cooperation is crucial. The Staff Week provided an exceptional platform for us to learn from one another, share best practices, and build strong networks across borders.

By immersing ourselves in these diverse discussions, we gained invaluable insights into different educational systems, cultural nuances, and innovative approaches to higher education.

The knowledge and experiences exchanged during this week will undoubtedly enrich our own institution’s internationalisation efforts and contribute to the global mindset of our university community.

Moreover, this week-long collaboration has laid the foundation for future partnerships and collaborations with our esteemed counterparts from around the world. It has created lasting connections that will enable us to explore joint research initiatives, faculty changes, and student mobility programmes. Together, we will foster a truly global learning environment for our students and prepare them to thrive in an interconnected world.

I am immensely grateful for this transformative experience and would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the organizers, our international colleagues, and my incredible team for their unwavering support. Let us continue to embrace the spirit of international collaboration and work together to make a positive impact on higher education and society as a whole. Together, we can break down barriers and build bridges of knowledge and understanding across continents!”

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