School -Rennes SB becomes the European Campus of the Caucasus University

Rennes SB becomes the European Campus of the Caucasus University

The Rennes School of Business international campus now includes Caucasus University among its partners, having recently integrated INSOFE in Bangalore, India, and ZUEL, China.

On Monday 19 April, Caucasus University opened its European Campus, which will be hosted by Rennes School of Business. The two institutions signed an agreement to create joint research labs, a faculty co-affiliation program and the joint creation of new degrees. It envisages close cooperation between the two institutions with the view of promoting and servicing the development of research and academic capacity and expending exchange and joint programs and projects.

The chief aim of establishing the European campus is better integration of Caucasus University, its students and academic personnel into European educational space, which will further expand and deepen the process of internationalization of the academic programs and research activities and allow the parties to share their knowledge and experience.

“The agreement between Caucasus University and Rennes School of Business constitutes a key founding milestone to the creation of a global education ecosystem based in Rennes” said Santiago Garcia, Dean for Global Business of Rennes School of Business. “This ecosystem will bring along a select group of worldwide universities  to be based at Rennes School of Business which, as the driving force behind this new model of partnerships, is at the forefront of internationalization”.

The European Campus of Caucasus University is designed to foster a friendly relationship through mutual cooperation in teaching, research and joint projects.

Specifically, the initiative includes joint activities in the following areas:

  • Set up joint research center
  • Develop DBA programme
  • Develop double degree programmes
  • Work on faculties co-affiliation policy
  • Exchange students, faculty and staff members;
  • Exchange and/or cooperation in special short-term programs and projects.

The agreement was signed by the President of Caucasus University and International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) Prof. Kakha Shengelia and Prof. Thomas Froehlicher, Director-General and Dean of Rennes School of Business. “With this agreement, we are the first leading Georgian institution to open a campus in Europe. We are part of our historical roots” says Professor Kakha Shengelia.