School -[Video] Klaxoon, a Disruptive Way of Learning at Rennes SB

[Video] Klaxoon, a Disruptive Way of Learning at Rennes SB

At Rennes School of Business, we love innovation! Discover Klaxoon, an app for interactive learning.

All participants can connect to Klaxoon in a few seconds using their tablet, computer or smartphone

Klaxoon is a Rennes-based startup which developed an innovative app to make training and learning more attractive.

In the classroom, professors can use it to engage with students through activities such as quizzes, brains storming and other games. Using their phones, computers or tablets, students can connect to the platform in a few seconds. It is a great tool to promote social learning and gamification and we are using it at Rennes School of Business!

Klaxoon received awards in the CES in Las Vegas in 2016 but also in 2017 with its new product The Loupe, launched in Spring 2017.


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