School -Launch your start-up with the Innostart incubator at Rennes School of Business

Launch your start-up with the Innostart incubator at Rennes School of Business

Encouraging innovation and supporting students in the launch of their projects is one of Rennes School of Business’ strategic commitments.

Bringing student projects to life

The Innostart incubator at Rennes School of Business was founded in 2014, with the aim of discovering and developing creative potential and entrepreneurial talent in students using specially adapted educational resources to foster innovation.

Run and coordinated by the SENSe department at Rennes School of Business in close partnership with the innovation firm Zenika, the Innostart incubator is open to any Rennes School of Business student or Alumni with an innovative idea that wants to bring their project to life. Innostart takes an ‘unframed’ approach to provide the skills necessary to transform an idea into a business, from ideation, to prototyping right up to the creation of the company.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are central to our teaching and the student experience we offer. With Innostart, we are making every effort to create the best conditions for project leaders, students and alumni to succeed. Joining Innostart gives them access to personal guidance as well as to the support and skills of an entire network of experts and the dynamic regional ecosystem of Rennes.” Loubna AZIZ, Director, Student Experience – SENSe Department.

Learning from hands-on experience

Once selected, project leaders benefit from a series of workshops coaching sessions, inspiring speakers and masterclasses throughout the year, and will have the opportunity to pitch their idea to a second panel on “Demo-night” for the chance to win one of two €1,000 grants awarded each year to support project launches.

Often, our rather idealised vision of being an entrepreneur involves a big idea, a high-tech prototype, a convincing pitch and an injection of cash. The reality is more complex, exploratory and uncertain. Innostart helps people with ideas to find new challenges, crash-test their project and, most importantly, develop it by learning from hands-on experience.” Karine Sabatier, Zenika, Innovation Coach at Rennes SB.

Innostart success stories

Have you heard of Newcy, the leading CSR solution for reusable cups? What about Marché Delice, an online delivery platform for independent food outlets in Rennes? Steeple provides phygital in-house communication solutions, JABI aims to bring different generations together through mutual hobbies and passions whilst EWA generates commercial activities for professional athletes by improving their online reputation. If you haven’t heard of them already, now is a perfect time to go and check them out!

Key figures:

  • 10 projects selected per year,
  • 6 months incubation period (minimum) for each project,
  • 2 x €1,000 grants awarded each year to support project launches,
  • 10 projects brought-to-life so far.

Careful! Applications to participate in the Innostart programme this year must be made before Sunday 15th November in order to be considered by the selection panel.