School -A look back at the Miyawaki Forest Conference at Rennes School of Business

A look back at the Miyawaki Forest Conference at Rennes School of Business

On the 5 October 2021, Rennes School of Business hosted a conference with Xavier Dommange on the Miyawaki Forest method, a scheme which aims to restore native biodiversity in urban spaces.

On the 5 October 2021, Xavier Dommange came to Rennes School of Business to host a conference on the Miyawaki Forest method: an initiative which aims to cultivate biodiversity in urban spaces.

With a background in business, bioengineering and change management, Xavier founded the Coeur Forestier Association, whose mission is to make the ecological transition of cities possible by accompanying inhabitants, communities, companies and institutions during the establishment of zones of resilient and autonomous vegetation.

The Miyawaki method

Miyawaki urban forests are fascinating complex ecosystems, that can be planted throughout the world, irrespective of the climate or soil conditions in different countries, using species which are indigenous to the ecosystem. The method was founded by Akira Miyawaki, a Japanese botanist and expert in plant ecology and is intended to create areas of dense, indigenous vegetation to restore native forests in an efficient and sustainable way.

CSR at Rennes School of Business

This event was organised by Alix Houssin, part of the CSR team at Rennes SB in order to simultaneously raise awareness about important ecological issues and give the Rennes SB community a chance to learn about the journey and professional choices of Xavier Dommange and how he managed to combine his career with an important cause that he feels passionately about: the protection of the planet.

Xavier’s professional path is coherent with the Rennes School of Business’ #UnframedThinking motto, it’s ecological objectives and is particularly linked to the Environment & Transition track in the first year of the Programme Grande École and the specialised CSR module in the second year of the programme.

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