School -5 reasons to join Rennes School of Business

5 reasons to join Rennes School of Business

Thinking of studying abroad? At Rennes School of Business, you have the chance to study 100% in English in the multicultural environment of an internationally accredited school, all while living in Brittany, France!

Immerse yourself in an international environment

With over 100 nationalities on the Rennes campus, Rennes School of Business is a melting pot of languages and cultures from around the world. By immersing yourself in a classroom environment alongside classmates and teachers from over 100 different countries.

At Rennes School of Business:

  • Almost 9 out of 10 professors are international,
  • Nearly 1 in 2 students come from abroad,
  • You’ll meet people from over 100 different nationalities on the Rennes campus

All of our programmes are taught either 100% in English, or progressively in a mixture of English and French from the first year. Although English is the main language on campus, you’ll hear Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Romanian, Japanese… and more around the campus!

Sharing cultures is an inherent part of the learning experience at Rennes School of Business, whether that be during class, during an international exchange with one of our 350+ partner universities or during activities and events organised on and off campus. The International Fair in November is one of the key events of the year, during which students share their cultures, and their experience of living and studying abroad during their exchange. The mix of activities, dancing, student meetings and conferences helps students who have not decided on a destination to decide where they would like to complete their academic exchange.


Study at a school that is renowned for its academic excellence

Regularly landing high up in the rankings for its wide portfolio of programmes, in just 30 years, Rennes School of Business has sprung its way up to be among the top French Grande Écoles. The School’s PGE – Master in Management was ranked 71st worldwide in the Financial Times 2023 ranking, the MSc in International Finance landing 35th worldwide in the Financial Times 2023 ranking and the Bachelor in Management classed 2nd in France by both Le Parisien 2023 and MOCI 2022.

On top of these regular appearances in the rankings, the School features among the TOP 1% of business schools in the world to hold the EQUIS – AMBA – AACSB triple-crown accreditation, which attests the excellence of Rennes SB’s teaching & research programmes.

In April 2023, the School opened its Centre for Unframed Thinking (CUT), the first Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) to be based in a business school, and an initiative of Rennes SB and its partners to foster interdisciplinary research at the highest international level. It contributes to the global effort to analyse the many complex issues raised by the current crises, demonstrating Rennes SB’s commitment to research that has an impact, particularly at regional level.


Personal and professional development, throughout and after your studies

Graduating from a Grande École gives you a competitive edge in the job market, but, more than supporting our students in obtaining their degree, Rennes School of Business supports its students both during their studies, and after graduation, thanks to its Career Centre & Well-Being department and dedicated Alumni Association.

The Rennes SB Career Centre supports students as they discover their potential and build their career plans according to their aspirations and singularity, both through personal and professional development.
Forums de recrutement pour entrer en contact avec des employeurs à Rennes Scool of BusinessEvents such as the Corporate Days and Career Discovery Day enable students to meet professionals and learn more about sectors, industries and positions that interest them, whereas well-being activities such as sophrology workshops and conferences on self-care, stress-management and equality in the workplace enable students to prioritise their physical and mental well-being as they begin to build their future career.

After studying at Rennes SB, the continued support, coaching and networking opportunities provided by the Alumni Association helps young graduates to boost their careers right after graduation, and to continue developing it throughout their careers. With members of our 26000 Alumni found in 140 countries around the world and clubs found around the globe, you’ll leave Rennes School of Business with a ready-built global network to help you launch your international career.

International Alumni: what it’s like to study and work in France?

Inventing the future starts with looking at the present, differently

Students are increasingly demanding in their choice of education, looking for both impact and meaning in their careers. The environmental and societal impact of the school they choose is therefore of great importance. At Rennes School of Business, it is our mission is to reveal managerial talents in a multiverse world and become one of the most innovative, responsible and resilient Business Schools in Europe.

On both a pedagogical and institutional level, Rennes SB is dedicated to integrating issues of transition within the school. Student events such as the Climate Fresco and the Diversity Fresco give students the opportunity to learn about diversity and equality in the workplace, and the real cost of climate change on our society, encouraging them to take a different approach to business, while fully taking into account the impact of the individual, and the corporation.

Students then have the opportunity to put these thoughts into practice during events such as the Design Sprint, in partnership with Orange, an event with a focus on digital responsibility during which students come up with innovative solutions to business problems in this industry.  Organised in partnership with Destination Rennes, the Rennes Impact Challenge is another example of an event during which students visit the city of Rennes and propose projects that could be implemented in order to make it a more sustainable destination.

Through these initiatives, Rennes SB encourages its students to look for answers to tomorrow’s questions, reflecting on how to design a future that’s more inventive, more creative, and ultimately, more human.

Now more than ever, the world belongs to the open-minded.

The chance to study in Brittany: a vibrant economic hub in Western France

Brittany is one of the most attractive and pleasant regions of France to live in. Every year, it welcomes many French and international holidaymakers who come to enjoy the seaside, nature, culture, gastronomy and local way of life.

Rennes School of Business is deeply rooted in the local culture of Brittany, a French region with an economic and cultural dynamism that is unique in France.

The School cultivates and maintains close relationships with many local economic players and developing partnerships with events such as the Breton Economic Forum and the Marathon Vert, an annual race in Rennes for which a tree is planted for every kilometre run by its participants.

Rennes is a fast-growing and vibrant city with a large, international student population, one thing is for sure: you’ll never get bored! Check out the Destination Rennes tourism website to find out about all the activities, festivals, bars, restaurants, art exhibitions and more that are on offer in the city!

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