School -The Bachelor in Management lands in the 2nd place of the Le Parisien Étudiant 2022 ranking for the second year running

The Bachelor in Management lands in the 2nd place of the Le Parisien Étudiant 2022 ranking for the second year running

For the second year in a row, the Bachelor in Management (BiM) programme at Rennes School of Business has been placed in 2nd in the 2022 Le Parisien Étudiant ranking of Bachelors in Management.

On Wednesday 15th March, Le Parisien Étudiant announced its 2023 ranking of Bachelor’s in Management, with the Bachelor in Management Programme of Rennes School of Business maintaining its position in second place of the ranking for the second year in a row, proof of the consistent quality of the programme.

A 3-year programme of exceptional quality

The Bachelor in Management provides high-school certificate holders with a solid academic and practical foundation in business management and operations over three years. In the third year of the programme, students choose to specialise in either Global Management, Finance, Marketing or Supply Chain, preparing them to either continue directly on to a specialised master’s programme, or join the job market directly.

A ranking methodology based on 13 criteria

Le Parisien Étudiant uses 13 criteria to establish its ranking of Bachelors in Management, including labels, the quality of teaching, development, teaching staff and international connections. Each criterion is awarded a note out of five, which, when accumulated, provides the necessary information to establish the ranking.

The Rennes SB BiM programme stands out in many of these criteria: it benefits from a high-level international environment, a Faculty of whom 95% come from outside of France, an excellent network of company and corporate partners and a range of accreditations and labels attesting to the quality of the programme and the school.

It is thanks to an innovative, interdisciplinary pedagogy based on concrete projects with a positive impact that we have created this outstanding programme, which has been recognised once again in this ranking and which we are delighted about. The involvement and commitment of our teaching staff, but above all of our students and graduates, open to the world, enable us to create the value of our BiM together,” explains Noémie Desprez, Director of the Bachelor in Management.

Recognition of the BiM programme in 2022:

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