School -Time to celebrate: the 2022 Graduation Ceremony at Rennes School of Business!

Time to celebrate: the 2022 Graduation Ceremony at Rennes School of Business!

On the 11 June 2022, the students of Rennes School of Business celebrated their graduation during a ceremony with their friends, family and the School staff at the Glaz Arena in Cesson Sevigné!

Completing a degree of higher education is no easy feat: during their years of study at Rennes School of Business, our students spend long hours in class, in the Learning Center, participating in student associations and working on their personal and professional development, all while meeting new friends, learning new languages and discovering new places, often a long way from home!

So, what better way to celebrate this achievement than with a dedicated ceremony, during which our students’ friends and their families get to watch each graduate walk on stage to receive the degree that they have worked so hard for?

On the morning of the 11 June 2022 at the Glaz Arena in Cesson Sevigné, graduates from the Bachelor in Management, Global Doctorate in Business Administration, PhD, Executive Education and Honours Bachelor in Business Administration took to the stage, with a second ceremony taking place in the afternoon for the Programme Grande École (Master in Management) and master’s students.

A series of speeches were given by Thomas Froehlicher, Director General and Dean of Rennes School of Business, François Chatel, President of Rennes School of Business, by the student’s professors and the Valedictorian of each cohort took to the microphone to share a few words with their classmates.

Some of the graduates were surprised when video interviews with proud friends and families were broadcasted on the stage for all to see!

The Gatsby Gala

In the evening, in order to continue the festivities with their classmates, graduates were invited to the Chateau de la Robinais for a celebratory Gala with a Gatsby theme: an opportunity to send off their studies in style with the friends that supported them throughout their studies.

We can’t wait to hear what’s next for our graduates!

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