School -Rennes School of Business hosts the first edition of its Transition Week

Rennes School of Business hosts the first edition of its Transition Week

From the 3 – 10 October 2022, the Corporate Social Responsibility team at Rennes SB held its first Transitions Week, an event dedicated to raising awareness and taking concrete actions on various social and environmental issues.

At Rennes School of Business, we aim to develop responsible business leaders by building a sustainable mindset and behaviours in our students.  We want to instil in our graduates a strong sense of ethics and the skills to solve environmental and social problems from a business perspective. This goal is accomplished through teaching, learning by doing, and developing self-awareness.

Transitions Week was the opportunity for students and staff to get involved in a series of events and workshops in order to deepen their knowledge and take action on various subjects including the climate, eco-anxiety, diversity and LBGTQIA+ awareness, particularly in the context of a business school.

On the programme:

The Diversity Fresco

Based on the event which took place to kick off the new academic year for the second-year students of the Bachelor in Management, this edition of the Diversity Fresco was open to everyone in the Rennes SB community. Staff and students were given the opportunity to work together during a collaborative workshop based on raising and discussing issues of discrimination and inclusion within organisations.

LGBTQIA+ awareness workshops

Morgan N. Lucas, a trained psycho-practitioner and instructor came to the school to host two workshops on LGBTQIA+. Both staff and students had the opportunity to learn more about inclusivity, both in society and in the more specific context of higher education.

Bicycle repair workshop

La Petite Rennes association came to the school’s Rennes campus to host a participatory bicycle repair workshop for all the members of the Rennes SB community. As soft mobility becomes increasingly popular, learning how to maintain modes of transport such as bicycles is extremely important. This participatory workshop gave staff and students the chance to ensure their bikes were in top shape, whilst learning more about how to fix and maintain their bicycles themselves.

Transitions Week is one of the actions taken at Rennes SB to grow knowledge on important environmental and societal issues amongst its community, in line with its objective of training responsible future business leaders on a sustainable campus.

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