School -Rennes School of Business unveils its 2024-2028 strategic plan

Rennes School of Business unveils its 2024-2028 strategic plan

January 2024 – Rennes School of Business is delighted to announce the launch of its 2024-2028 strategic plan. Ambitious and with a strong sense of identity, the plan aims to shape ‘Unframed Leaders’: leaders of a world in a state of disruption, who challenge the status quo by innovating to generate more creative, collective and sustainable global performance.

The School that shapes Unframed Leaders

On 30 and 31 January 2024, staff, faculty, students, alumni and media gathered at the Rennes and Paris campuses to hear about the new strategic plan. Adilson Borges, recently appointed to the School’s Executive Board, gave a presentation, which was introduced by François Châtel, the School’s President.

The Unframed Thinking mindset, the foundation of the School, is more alive than ever as the world needs leaders who think outside the box. Today, it is becoming the driving force that encourages our students to challenge the status quo.

Our vision

Shaping the Unframed Leaders of a changing world. 

Rennes School of Business, supported by its interdisciplinary research, aims to nurture Unframed Leaders for a changing world and to become one of the most multicultural, innovative, and impactful Management Schools.

The plan is based on three strategic areas:

  • Unframed Experience: personalised learning, capitalising on new technologies and the field to make a positive impact;
  • Unframed Education: innovative programmes continuously nourished by interdisciplinary research, fully incorporating the skills-based approach to meet the needs of the employment market;
  • Unframed Community: an innovation ecosystem where our different communities work together to multiply the impact of Rennes SB.

With this project, Rennes SB has everything it takes to train the Unframed Leaders the world needs. Creative and creators of new ideas (Create), influential and leaders of committed groups (Connect), able to move from idea to action (Change), Unframed Leaders are leaders who innovate for a better world.

The Unframed Thinking mindset permeates the entire School, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration and positive change. In an ever-changing world, Rennes School of Business looks to the future with optimism. The fundamentals of new leadership – Create, Connect and Change – embody a hopeful perspective, envisaging a future where Unframed Leaders not only adapt to change but actively shape it, leaving an indelible positive mark on their environment. As the School embarks on this journey of transformation, the belief in the power of education to drive positive change remains at the forefront of its mission.

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